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XIV ESADE Alumni Annual Conference

25/05/2009 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Barcelona

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14th Annual ESADE Alumni Conference


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ESADE graduates gathered at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya to celebrate the XIV ESADE Alumni Annual Conference. A major highlight of the evening was the presentation of the ESADE Awards to Rosalía Mera, Leopoldo Rodés and Carlos Slim in honour of their professional careers and involvement in social projects.

During the event, ESADE experts aired their concerns about the viability of protectionist policies as the wherewithal to overcome the crisis and lauded the new global stage as the focus of attention. Along these lines, ESADE is a firm supporter of stimulating the internationalisation process of Spain's economy and companies to secure a strong position in a globalised world.

The President of ESADE Alumni, Germán Castejón (Lic&MBA 81), officially opened the event and underlined the importance of belonging to the school's alumni network as "it is a vehicle to identify opportunities in tough times like today's". On a similar note, Marc L. Busch, Professor of International Business Diplomacy at the School of Foreign Service (Georgetown University), highlighted that "borders are no longer important these days" and that "the crisis could hamper growth if we don't use the suitable tools".

Rosa María García, Vice-president Consumer & Online, Microsoft Western Europe, and Xavier Mendoza (Lic&MBA 79), Deputy Director General of ESADE and head of the Observatory of Spanish Multinationals, also tackled the subject of knock-on effects of the crisis. Rosa María García detailed the strategies in force at her company and stated that "the crisis for us will be long-lasting and we must confront the adversary with resistance and flexibility".  She also explained how "Microsoft is reinventing itself with a focus on strategic issues and shedding those that just don't work". Xavier Mendoza singled out the increased foreign presence of Spanish multinationals and vouched that "these companies are the cornerstones of Spain's future because they have already proved to kick-start the economy".

ESADE Awards for Professional Career

Rosalía Mera received the Mention of Honour for her social commitment to support disabled people or those at risk of social exclusion. A milestone of her solidarity work was in 1986, when she set up the Fundación Paideia, as well as her vociferous protests against the handling of the Prestige catastrophe. Commenting on the economic climate, she insisted that "if the conditions are non-existent, you have to create them yourself and this requires bravery and the willingness to take risks. We can't sit back on our laurels".

Leopoldo Rodés is President of the Board of Trustees of the Ramon Llull University, Honourable President of the Family Enterprise Institute, and member of the Board of Trustees of both the Fundación Bosch i Gimpera and the Fundación Conde de Barcelona. He is also a member of the Patronage Committee of the Liceu Opera House, the Executive Commission of the Fundación del Orfeó Català-Palau de la Música Catalana and of two New York museums. In his acceptance speech, he categorically predicted that "we will overcome the crisis but deep-rooted changes will be more than apparent". He also pointed out that "we need to work more" and that business schools will play a key role in education as an escape route from the current quandary.

Carlos Slim, unable to attend the awards ceremony, offered a pre-recorded speech in which he announced his upcoming talk at ESADE on 8th June. He congratulated ESADE for its involvement in the education of active human capital, which is "the number-one priority right now", he stressed. Slim graduated in Civil Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he also used to hold the Chair in Algebra and Linear Programming. He has developed solidarity projects in Latin America and Mexico in particular, through programmes covering education, health, nutrition, justice, culture, human development, the environment, sports and aid for natural disasters, creating opportunities which promote the all-round development of people.



We hope to see you at the XIV ESADE Alumni Annual Conference in Barcelona. This year we will focus on "New Global Scenario, New Business Strategies", a reflection on new challenges and responsibilities directives are facing in this new economic situation.

The conference will be lead by professor Marc Busch, from the School of Foreign Service of Goergetown University, who is specialized in International Business Diplomacy. His introduction will be followed by a round table featuring Rosa María García, vice-president of Consumer&Online for Western Europe at Microsoft and Xavier Mendoza (Lic&MBA 79), Deputy Director General of ESADE and researcher of OEME (Observatorio de la Empresa Multinacional Española). It will be moderated by Marcel Planellas (PMD 87), Secretary General of ESADE.

Before the closing ceremony, Joan Manuel Soler (Lic&MBA 68), Chairman of the Fundació ESADE Board of Trustees, Germán Castejón (Lic&MBA 81), President of ESADE Alumni and Carlos Losada (Lic&MBA 79),  Director General of ESADE, will deliver the ESADE Awards to:

- Rosalía Mera, for her business management in innovative social projects;
- Leopoldo Rodés, for his concern about patronage and participation in cultural activities;
- Carlos Slim, for his philanthropic involvement in promoting employment, education, health and the environment. 

All three recipients of this year’s awards will receive recognition for promoting the values that ESADE has defended for over 50 years. 

7.00 pm
Doors open

7.30 pm
Germán Castejón (Lic&MBA '81), president of ESADE Alumni

7.40 pm
Lecture and discussion:
New Global Scenario, New Business Strategies

8.35 pm
Institutional remarks:
Carlos Losada (Lic&MBA '79), director general of ESADE

8.45 pm
ESADE Award giving ceremony
Introduced by Xavier Sanchez (Lic&MBA '97), director of ESADE Alumni
Awards presented by Joan Manuel Soler (Lic&MBA '68), chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ESADE Foundation, and Germán Castejón (Lic&MBA, '81), president of ESADE Alumni.

8.55 pm
Closing of the ceremony

9.00 pm
Opportunity to network with a cocktail in the Expo Hall

This year, you are invited after the Annual Conference for a dinner in the gardens of Hotel Juan Carlos I. For more information or to register, click here

If you prefer, ESADE Alumni will help you organise a dinner. If you are interested, contact us at encuentros.promocion@esade.edu. We will provide information about the restaurants with which we have agreements.

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