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XII ESADE Alumni Annual Conference

20/11/2006 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Barcelona

WEB of the XII Annual Conference

ESADE Jaume de Cordelles Prizes
Diary of the XII Annual Conference

The Annual Conference is ESADE Alumni's emblematic annual reunion.  It begins with an academic event focused on current business affairs, featuring internationally renowned speakers. Members subsequently participate in a social gathering with over 2,000 executives.

Professor John Kotter, leadership expert and organisational change guru, was the keynote speaker at the 12th Annual ESADE Alumni Conference. In his lecture, entitled "Leading Change", Kotter discussed how top companies successfully implement changes.

Kotter, who is known for his excellent communication skills, described eight basic steps toward successfully achieving large-scale changes. These steps also form the basis of his international bestseller, Leading Change, which was published in 1996. The following are the eight steps:

Establish a sense of urgency
2. Form a guiding coalition
3. Create a vision
4. Communicate the vision
5. Empower others to act on the vision
6. Create short-term wins
7. Consolidate improvements
8. Institutionalise the change

John Kotter is a world-renowned expert on leadership and a guru of organisational change. He holds degrees from MIT and Harvard and has been a Professor at Harvard Business School since 1972. Kotter's fifteen books on leadership and organisational change have been translated into seventy languages. His most recent book is Our Iceberg is Melting (2006). Many executives consider his international bestseller, Leading Change (1996), the most authoritative work on change. 

Over 2,000 executives and professionals from all over the world came to this edition of the conference to hear Harvard Business School Professor. Germán Castejón, President of ESADE Alumni, and Carlos Losada, Director General of ESADE, delivered the welcome address at the event.

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