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ESADE Alumni holds forums and lectures on related themes that deal with important subjects and developments.

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» Foundations, a 21st century creation. Challenges and opportunities

16/05/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. In order to made progress, society must find ways of embracing more than the public-private dichotomy and enabling social development. Foundations are one, and possibly the best, of these ways.

» Inequality and its effects

22/03/2017 | Barcelona | English. Over the last few decades and for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, inequality between countries and between the world's citizens has dropped. How can we explain this? Has the recent financial crisis reversed previous trends?

» The European Union in the face of Brexit and other challenges

03/02/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. From this perspective, the two speakers will discuss the status of the eurozone, the electoral processes scheduled to take place in 2017 in the Netherlands, France, Italy and Portugal, the refugee crisis, and the nationalist and protectionist turn taken by the new Trump Administration in the United States

» Presentation of the report, 'Funding the gap'

23/01/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. In its first public event, the ESADE Institute for Healthcare Management will present the report, ''Funding the gap. The future of the healthcare system: Is financing the system possible while reducing healthcare inequalities?''

» Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly

08/11/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. By agreement of the Board, dated June 22th 2016, I am pleased to invite you to attend the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly of ESADE Alumni, the alumni association of ESADE, to be held on Tuesday, November 8th 2016, at 7:00 pm at ESADE Barcelona, Av. Pedralbes 60-62 Barcelona

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