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ESADE Alumni organises these interactive, online courses that you can take wherever you are.

Forthcoming events

Webinar: 'Finding peace of mind', by Alfredo Rey

This session will reveal how the brain works and teach techniques to calm it down. You will learn methods applicable to everyday life that do not take up a minute of your time: how to breathe differently, be aware of what is going on in your mind and pay attention to the present time

When?: 09/05/2017 | Time?: 13:00 | Where?: Online | Language?: Spanish

Webinar: 'Still not decided on your career goals?' by Mercedes Sancho

This webinar will focus on career goals as a springboard for career development and will offer several simple guidelines and coaching methods to help define them

When?: 13/06/2017 | Time?: 13:00 | Where?: Online | Language?: Spanish

Previous events

» Webinar: 'How to tailor my elevator pitch', by Vania Tantcheva

21/03/2017 | Online | English. The interactive session by Vania Tantcheva, an experienced multilingual talent development and recruitment specialist, will help you transform a professional message featuring your lifetime accomplishments into a 30-second statement that packs a punch

» Webinar: 'Lessons learnt about measuring social impact', by Susana Balet (Lic&MBA 08)

02/03/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. This webinar will share experiences of negative fallout from social ventures, the relationship between fundraising and the measurement of social impact, etc

» Webinar: 'Finance for social ventures and investor profile', by Maria Raurell

23/02/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. This webinar will explain the concept of ''social return'' and the specific types of finance involved (e.g. impact investment funds)

» Webinar: 'Transcendental Leadership with Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation', by Walter Rossi (PMD 14)

08/02/2017 | Online | Spanish. Leaders are under great stress in the never-ending race to achieve results and meet the demands of the environment. Is it possible to strike a balance?

» Webinar: 'Strategic overhaul of social ventures' by Sophie Robin

02/02/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. This webinar offers an introduction to the cornerstones of strategic planning in social ventures, using examples to illustrate the processes, results, challenges and lessons involved in working with organisations in the tertiary sector

» Webinar: 'Fundraising, new techniques and success stories', by Angela Millán

19/01/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. This webinar will take a look at cases in which organisations have used innovation and creativity to pinpoint opportunities and applicable methods and be successful in the challenging world of fundraising

» Webinar: Executive search and your networking strategy

19/10/2016 | Barcelona | English. The ESADE Alumni Career Service and Bluesteps, the international platform that provides career management services for the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), would like to invite you to the following interactive session "Executive Search and Your Networking Strategy"

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