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This film series has become a tool for reflection and social debate, promoting social awareness and related issues among ESADE alumni, faculty and staff.
Historical Film Forum
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» XII Alumni Social Giving Back Closing ceremony

14/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. XII Alumni Social Giving Back Closing ceremony

» Film Forum: The True Cost. The impact the textile industry is having on humanity.

21/03/2018 | Barcelona | English. Film Forum: The True Cost. The impact the textile industry is having on humanity.

» Webinar: 'Sustainability and interest groups', by Marian Torres

15/03/2018 | Online | Spanish. How do social enterprises work with stakeholders? Sign up for this webinar and discover the importance of including them in the entity’s management!

» Webinar: "Canvas Business Model. Particularities of social entrepreneurship." By Verónica Sánchez

12/03/2018 | Online | Spanish. Are you familiar with the business model canvas? Sign up for our new webinar to discover this model and its social enterprise applications!

» Webinar: 'Microfinance: the first social enterprise. Challenges and learnings', by Maria Raurell

12/02/2018 | Online | Spanish. Microfinance entities were the first social enterprises as such, pioneers in trying to strike a balance between social impact, financial sustainability and environmental sustainability. How is the sector dealing with this mission on three fronts?

» Film Forum: 'Finding Oscar'. An incredible story of human rights

31/01/2018 | Barcelona | English. The tiny village of Dos Erres was home to nearly 250 people. Only three of them survived a massacre carried out by the Guatemalan Army at dawn on 7th December 1982, in the midst of a three-decade-long civil war that was tearing the country apart

» Webinar: 'Team interdependence' by Francesc Manyós de Balanzó

12/12/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. ESADE Alumni Social invites you to take part in a webinar by the director of content at DignetiK, a company giving guidance to companies engaged in ethical reflection as a way to improve their organisation

» Film Forum: The C Word. It's time for cancer to be afraid of us

29/11/2017 | Barcelona | English. With a dose of good humour, heart, and a touch of rock’n’roll, The C Word reveals the forces at play behind cancer

» Film Forum: Free Lunch Society

26/09/2017 | Barcelona | Bilingual. Would you work if you were paid just for being alive? Should there or should there not be an unconditional minimum wage? A surprising and thought-provoking film about a pipe dream that's back on the social agenda

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