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Film Forum: The Venice syndrome. Unsustainable tourism

15/12/2015 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Barcelona

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What impact does a tourist boom have on the cities where we live? What is the impact of 20 million foreign visitors a year?

Lots of things have got to change or Venice will become a papier mâché theme park with no inner life. Stately homes converted into luxury hotels, privately-owned flats converted into bed and breakfast establishments. Public space sold to private institutions. Sky-high prices for a square metre of property. The inhabitants of Venice buckling under the stress of tourism. "I’m Venetian but I don’t have a hotel or a gondola or a souvenir shop".  Only big corporations stand to gain from this outrageous scenario that is gradually destroying the original city. A far-sighted documentary. The director, Andreas Pichler, uses Venice as a symbol to reflect a massive change already taking place in many other cities.  A snapshot of unsustainable tourism. Can it be avoided in our cities?

But is Barcelona heading the same way? According to the tourism authorities of Barcelona, 7.8 million tourists visited the city in 2014. If Barcelona has a population of 1.6 million, this means 5 tourists per inhabitant. Is this sustainable? Perhaps the time has come to think about what tourism model the city should have. Taking the development and evolution of Venice in recent decades as our starting point, we would like discuss the Barcelona model.

We will be joined on this occasion by a guest of honour: Jordi Williams Carnes, director general of the Barcelona tourism authorities. It also participates Josep-Francesc Valls, Professor in the Department of Marketing Management at ESADE

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