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Gamification … Gami what? A technique applicable to virtually any sort of routine, field or activity ranging from voluntary work to industrial productivity

03/02/2016 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Barcelona

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Gamification. A technique applicable to virtually any sort of routine, field or activity


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Visitors to your website don’t sign up? Gamification is the answer. Your customers don’t buy anything? Gamification. Want to boost your online channel? Gamification. Your call centre doesn’t give your customers the attention they deserve? Gamification. Your volunteers can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and are struggling with their tasks? Gamification.

Games are part of the small group of human activities that have transcended societies beyond linguistic, cultural, social and even geographical barriers. Games are and always have been a key element in personal development.

Gamification is the use of techniques and dynamics typical of games and leisure in non-recreational activities. It transforms an activity that might be dull, boring, difficult or exhausting into an activity that encourages ''players'' to take part, share and interact individually or with the community with as much enthusiasm and desire to win as possible.

Our speaker will be Imma Marin, founder and owner of the company Marinva. She will share instances of the transformative power of games, and will explain how gamification can help the volunteer projects we are involved in such as ESADE Alumni Giving Back.

Many companies in the Forbes Global 2000 already use gamification extremely successfully. Nike, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, SAP, Accenture, BBVA are some of the companies that have published success stories based on their gamification initiatives.

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