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Film Forum: How to Change the World

17/05/2016 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Barcelona

In 1971 a small group of hippies, photographers, scientists and sailors set sail in an old fishing boat to try and stop US nuclear testing in Amchitka (Alaska). Not long after this ''crazy'' group, an environmental organization which now has more than three million members around the globe was created: Greenpeace.

Using archive images never screened before, director Jerry Rothwell creates an exciting story featuring Robert Hunter, a controversial leader who created the first modern ecology organisation. Hunter was one of the first persons to understand the importance of a ''viral image'' in gaining the support of thousands for the environmental struggle.

''How to change the world'' is not only a historical documentary about the birth of the ecology movement, but also a lesson in the complex task of leadership, particularly in a newly created social movement. Using quite a low-key, natural approach, Rothwell shows how a leader needs discipline and how Robert Hunter realizes that he cannot change the world by himself. A sincere, passionate story whose protagonists reveal the previously untold story of the many internal contradictions and struggles involved in the early days of the ecological movement.

This documentary is an absolute must for anyone wanting to understand the leadership and social movements of the 21st century. The archive images dating back 40 years are still highly topical.

Taking part in the discussion will be Àngel Castiñeira Fernandez (ADE 95), Director of the Chair in Leadership and Democratic Governance

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