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This film series has become a tool for reflection and social debate, promoting social awareness and related issues among ESADE alumni, faculty and staff.

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» Film Forum: BIG MEN. 'The perfect storm of avarice'

25/05/2015 | Barcelona | Spanish. How would you feel if an oil company from Texas discovered a large oil field off the coast of Gerona and 75% of the profit went to the US and just 25% stayed in Catalonia?

» Film Forum: Ivory Tower. Universities out of touch with reality?

28/04/2015 | Barcelona | Spanish. How should university education evolve? This documentary focuses on the USA but the ideas it features would undoubtedly be very useful for Spain too

» Film Forum: Gabor. See without looking

03/03/2015 | Barcelona | Spanish. How much should a blind film director be paid? Twice or half the going rate?

» Film Forum: The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin. The digital currency

16/12/2014 | Barcelona | Bilingual. In this documentary about the world of the Bitcoin, different people share their opinions and their own experiences, giving us an insight into the possibilities and subcultures emerging from the Bitcoin community with a view to examining the social, economic, political and legal impact of this digital currency

» Film Forum: Five days to dance. Art as a vehicle for change

25/11/2014 | Barcelona | Spanish. One Monday morning, two dancers appear in a classroom in a San Sebastian secondary school and announce to the teenage students that they have five days to get ready to dance on stage

» Film Forum: Bridegroom: love between two men. Legal rights of homosexuals

21/10/2014 | Barcelona | Bilingual. Bridegroom, a documentary about a gay married couple, won the audience award in the best documentary category at the Tribeca 2013 Film Festival

» Film Forum: 'Inequality for All'. Comments afterwards by F. Xavier Mena

30/09/2014 | Barcelona | Spanish. Inequality for All is a film that exposes the inequality of income distribution, its evolution, implications and consequences

» Film Forum: Inequality for All

02/07/2014 | Barcelona | Spanish. Is the middle class in danger of extinction? The social gap gets bigger and bigger

» Film Forum. We the owners: Employees expanding the American dream

06/05/2014 | Barcelona | English. Committed employees with two thirds less absenteeism than other similar industries. Honest employees who take their work very seriously, who do their utmost and feel responsible for making the company work and earn profits. Employees who help each other and who share their knowledge with their fellow workers and give their superiors new ideas. Highly involved employees. Is it possible?

» Film Forum: Vanishing of the bees

04/03/2014 | Barcelona | Spanish. Did you know that the world couldnżt survive without bees? Mankind's relationship with nature: the reason for one of the biggest nature concerns

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