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Functional and Sector-specific Clubs

There are 20 clubs, whose objectives are: networking; training; establishing professional networks; collaboration in the functional or sector-specific area that the club represents.

ESADE Alumni has encouraged the formation of new functional and sector-specific clubs with a view to fostering networking, keeping alumni up to date with the latest developments in the field, and pooling experience.

The clubs' activities allow alumni to share their professional experience with others and give managers and professionals a forum where they can compare notes and share knowledge. Areas covered include: training; sector-specific information; the private sector; professional networks; and collaboration.

Forthcoming Events

BrandFormance: new advertising that sells. How to create a brand and advertise it in today's omnichannel world

Micky Ribera will explain growth hacking and inbound marketing by drawing upon his experiences as an expert in the start-up ecosystem, as an entrepreneur, investor, consultant and mentor of several e-businesses

When?: 13/12/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

Economic and financial outlook for 2019: the year interest rates went up

The ESADE Alumni Finance Club invites you to this talk by F. Xavier Mena, professor of economics at Ramon Llull University and associate professor at ESADE

When?: 09/01/2019 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Guided tour of the CLH Oil Pipeline Control Centre

During the tour you will have the chance to meet Jorge Lanza, CEO of CLH, and José Luis Conde, operations general manager

When?: 18/01/2019 | Time?: 13:00 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

Previous Events

» 1st Edition of the Real Estate Innovation Challenge ESADE Alumni

10/12/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. We are looking for projects that propose a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) including a detailed description and a financial plan outlining the investment needed to bring it to fruition

» From Jules Verne to Stefan Zweig: Around the world today by an ESADE professor

26/11/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. During this event, speakers will compare the current situation of each country with the description in Jules Verne's novel

» 3-D printing in healthcare. Fact, fiction and future. Its impact on the medical profession. The future business model

26/11/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. After making its presence felt in industry, in recent years 3-D printing has discovered the healthcare industry and been making inroads into medicine and surgery thanks to a few professionals convinced of its advantages

» 7th ESADE Alumni Automotive and Mobility Club Dinner

15/11/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The event will begin with a short presentation of the club's new outlook, with particular emphasis on mobility in the future. Juan Galiardo will then outline this disruptive brand's vision of city mobility

» Would you buy a car today? Disruptive new business models for mobility

14/11/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. If you had to decide today, would you buy a car? Have we reached a service vs ownership watershed? And what about the self-drive car?

» The new industrial landscape and employment uncertainty, by José Abargues, HR manager, Ford Spain

13/11/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Today's employees are increasingly exposed to circumstances that cause worry and uncertainty, not only during working hours but also in their personal life

» 2nd Marketing Day: Back to School

08/11/2018 | Barcelona | Bilingual. Marketing has changed tremendously in recent years. Come back to school for a day. Come to ESADE for the 2nd Marketing Day

» The upsurge in chatbots and voice assistants in business

07/11/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Artificial intelligence developments in cognitive computing are steadily increasing the use of artificial conversational entities, or chatbots as they are usually known

» Hotels run by family firms. An innovative niche and guarantee of sustainability

07/11/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. During this panel discussion, leaders in this industry will reveal the secrets of their success as entrepreneurs and the challenges facing them as family firms

» Impact of gamification on the nealthcare industry

30/10/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. This ESADE Alumni Healthcare & Pharma Club talk will examine the advantages of adding gamification to IT apps in order to train healthcare officers themselves

» Corporate Venturing

30/10/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. In today's world of constant evolution characterised by new business models and new technologies, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and big companies are opting to work together for mutual benefit

» Guided tour of SEAT and driving lesson

26/10/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. SEAT has invited the ESADE Alumni Automobile and Mobility Club to visit their historical collection and factory and test drive the new Arona on the Castellolí race track

» Private Equity & Venture Capital Forum

23/10/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Finance Club is pleased to invite you to this session entitled ''Private Equity & Venture Capital Forum - Private equity in asset allocation: Some essential considerations''

» Female talent in the digital era

23/10/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. This talk will examine the state of female talent today in the tech/digital industry, and the roles of men and women, and aims to provide an insight into what lies ahead in the near future

» The present and future outlook of digital change in marketing departments. Real change or a smoke screen?

18/10/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. This talk is your chance to find out first hand how marketing departments are adapting to changing business models, customers, employees and suppliers.

» Active management: Investment fund value creation. Market outlook and strategies

17/10/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. This ESADE Alumni Finance Club talk will take a closer look at investment funds: the industry, strategies and management models, and the future outlook of the markets in which they work

» 4th Platform: AI-Driven Business

10/10/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. In this master class we'll learn about Telefónica's fourth platform and how it adds a layer of abstraction

» Guided tour of the Gala-Salvador Dalí exhibit: A room of one's own in Púbol

04/10/2018 | Barcelona | Bilingual. Exclusive guided tour to learn more about the enigmatic Gala, wife and muse of Salvador Dalí and the protagonist and co-author of some of his paintings

» Guided tour of Amazon's logistics centre in Madrid

04/10/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Have you ever wondered what happens when you click the 'buy' button on Amazon? This guided tour is your chance to find out about the product flow from the moment it's received from the supplier to when it's dispatched to a customer

» How to make your brand appeal to Amazon users

03/10/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. No matter if your company is big or small, this is your opportunity to find out directly from the Amazon Media team about the secrets of tailoring your marketing to specific e-commerce requirements and raising the awareness of your brand in this area

» IoT, all wired

27/09/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Data are the gold standard of this century and with a little help from the IoT, we'll be able to manage the data and analytics necessary to make the best value-added decisions

» 11th Edition Aptissimi Awards

26/09/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. The previous Aptissimi awards were a great success in Barcelona and Madrid. If you sign up, you’ll see that this is a very good opportunity to spend some time with colleagues in the profession

» A strategic view of people management from the standpoint of the Randstad CEO

26/09/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. You are warmly invited to this talk by Rodrigo Martin, executive chairman of Randstad Spain and CEO of Randstad in Latin America

» New business and finance models using Blockchain

25/09/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. This talk will examine Blockchain technology and its new business models, and take a close look at 2getherbank and Tutellus

» The evolution of pilgrim leadership

17/09/2018 | Barcelona | Catalan. During the session, Oriol Segarra (Lic&Master 94), CEO of the Uriach Group, will present his leadership model from both a conceptual and applied approach, and then discuss the following areas

» Are you ready for omnichannel consumers?

13/09/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Are you ready for omnichannel consumers?

» 3rd Annual Dinner of the ESADE Alumni Energy and Environment Club

11/07/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Energy and Environment Club is holding its 3rd annual dinner featuring David Serrano, CEO of Districlima.

» IBM Global C-Suite Study 2018: Incumbents strike back

06/07/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. During this talk, Alfred Escala (MDAE 86), vice president in charge of industries and business development for IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel, will outline the findings of the IBM Global C-suite study 2018

» 18th Real Estate Industry Annual Dinner

04/07/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Real Estate Club is pleased to invite you to the 18th annual dinner of the real estate industry

» 7th Barcelona Automotive Conference

26/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. One of the main themes of this conference will be alternative energies to petrol and diesel (CNG, LPG, electricity and hydrogen) and particularly their possible impact on the future of dealerships

» Guided tour of the port of Barcelona

25/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. This guided tour is your chance to find out first hand about the operations, traffic, infrastructure and operators in the port during a boat ride

» Will robots take control of strategic decision-making in marketing?

20/06/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. This talk held by the ESADE Alumni Marketing Club will reveal how to incorporate robots into marketing departments as efficient new workmates

» 4th Marketing Night

14/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The Marketing Night is the annual high point of the Marketing Club’s networking activities. Your chance to make new contacts and keep up with the latest marketing trends. A night with something for everyone

» Would you buy a car today? Disruptive, new business models in the mobility industry

14/06/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. If you had to decide today, would you buy a car? Today’s potential buyers face a paradigm shift: service or ownership? And what about when the driverless car comes on the scene?

» CFO Conference. The new role of the CFO in a digital data world. Business Intelligence

13/06/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. This ESADE Alumni Finance Club event will discuss the changes taking place in companies’ finance departments with regard to business knowledge, customer understanding and direct impact on strategy, all in the new digital environment that lies ahead

» Can a local family firm become a global leader?

13/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The Spanish economy consists of a great many SMEs that account for 70% of its GNP. Something of a natural selection between winners and losers has taken place in the last ten years, beginning with the crisis of 2008

» ESADE Alumni Real Estate Club. 19th Annual Conference

12/06/2018 | Barcelona | Bilingual. An overview of this market in Spain will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Spanish and international experts enabling a comparison of the Spanish market with other European countries

» Las 5 claves del cambio de Adolfo Domínguez

07/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. “We change in order to remain different”. This is how Adriana Domínguez, Adolfo Domínguez CEO

» Twenty-first-century healthcare. The patient-oriented approach. An impossible dream?

06/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Is the patient really the focal point of healthcare today? Are the strategy and indicators of Spain’s healthcare institutions in line with patients’ demands? Have healthcare staff assimilated this approach?

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