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Functional and Sector-specific Clubs

There are 20 clubs, whose objectives are: networking; training; establishing professional networks; collaboration in the functional or sector-specific area that the club represents.

ESADE Alumni has encouraged the formation of new functional and sector-specific clubs with a view to fostering networking, keeping alumni up to date with the latest developments in the field, and pooling experience.

The clubs' activities allow alumni to share their professional experience with others and give managers and professionals a forum where they can compare notes and share knowledge. Areas covered include: training; sector-specific information; the private sector; professional networks; and collaboration.

Forthcoming Events

ESADE Alumni tour of the ALBA synchrotron

A tour of the ALBA synchrotron, the largest and most singular scientific installation in the Mediterranean, a project driven by professor Ramon Pascual since the 90s and inaugurated in 2010

When?: 27/04/2017 | Time?: 12:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Dinner talk: 'The Spanish health system: sustainability and reform', by Rafael Bengoa

Dinner conference addressing the health system, a benchmark public service on account of its universal nature and great appreciation by the general public but whose sustainability is threatened by the aging population, and longer, more expensive treatments

When?: 27/04/2017 | Time?: 21:00 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

Guided tour of Fabrisolia, the BAXI solar energy production centre

This guided tour of the Thermal Solar Energy Centre of Excellence is your chance to visit the world's most modern solar panel manufacturing plant. With an area of 10,000 sqm, Fabrisolia can manufacture up to 150,000 sqm/year of solar panels

When?: 02/05/2017 | Time?: 13:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Trump's first one hundred days. Economics, geopolitics and leadership

It is three months since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States and the new administration has already shown signs of aiming to strictly fulfil the controversial electoral program that paved his way to the White House

When?: 03/05/2017 | Time?: 18:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

From law to business

In today's complex economic scenario, more and more lawyers wind up in senior management roles in business entities. What leads lawyers to take the plunge into management? What basic skills are needed?

When?: 04/05/2017 | Time?: 08:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

New regional funding. A talk in the 'Major reforms in this term of office' lecture series

The Public Management Club will bring Spain's central and regional authorities together to discuss their viewpoints and considerations of note regarding the political bargaining currently under way in Spain

When?: 11/05/2017 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

Conference 'Consumers: active and central players in tomorrow's electricity market'

The winter package published by the European Commission on 30 November entitled ''Clean Energy for All Europeans'' proposes eight amendments to electricity sector legislation including directives and regulations

When?: 12/05/2017 | Time?: 09:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Bilingual

10th Edition Aptissimi Awards

This year we are holding the 10th edition of the Aptissimi Awards. Save the date!

When?: 08/06/2017 | Time?: 20:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

III Marketing Night

The Marketing Night is the annual high point of the Marketing Club's networking activities. Your chance to make new contacts and keep up with the latest marketing trends

When?: 15/06/2017 | Time?: 21:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Previous Events

» Universal wellbeing: companies that care about their employees' health

25/04/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Encouraging and caring about health at work helps safeguard not only the physical and psychological integrity of employees but also corporate profitability. This workshop about will show different schemes designed to enhance employees' physical, moral and emotional well-being

» ESADE Alumni guided tour of the 4D Health Centre

21/04/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. The 4D Health Centre for innovation in patient safety is a simulated hospital where everything is real except patients. It was created with a view to improving safety in the health environment and reducing human errors by incorporating simulation into the centre's lines of action

» The impact of digitalisation on the purchasing process

19/04/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. The habits of consumers are changing as regards how they search for and buy products. This talk will take a look at the digitalisation of sales in Spain and differences with other markets, and how companies such as Unilever, Henkel, Danone and Deliberry deal with this process

» Big Data in the Public Sector

18/04/2017 | Barcelona | Bilingual. This conference will provide an insight into and discuss some of the key considerations facing institutions in this area, and take a closer look at several representative success stories

» Aptissimi Award for the Best Legal Advisory Service - Period for candidacy submissions is now open

07/04/2017 | Barcelona. We would like to inform you that candidacy submissions may now be sent in for the Aptíssimi Award for the Best Business Legal Advisory Service, which year after year gives due recognition to the important role played by legal advisory services in the business law sector

» Employer Branding. Real-life success stories

29/03/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Employer branding are two words that are very easy to explain, but very difficult to design and execute. This mainly hands-on conference will examine the real-life cases of employer branding implemented by Sacyr, Acciona and Kreab

» Marketing after 40. What happens next?

23/03/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. The session will begin with a round table in which alumni will draw upon their experience and examine the options in a wide range of careers ranging from remaining in a marketing department to senior corporate posts and becoming an entrepreneur

» Present and future of renewables in Spain. To be or not to be

21/03/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Questions to be discussed at this breakfast talk include: How will the generation market be structured in Spain? Does this market still appeal to investors? What sort of investor? How can generation projects be funded?

» Energy policy of the Trump administration: stakeholders and scapegoats

20/03/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. To what extent will Trump's U-turn affect us all, Americans and otherwise? Will it really hinder virtually unanimous global consensus about environmental protection? Two acclaimed experts will help answer all these questions

» Impact and opportunities of digital technologies in cultural industries

14/03/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. This talk will examine how digital technology affects the creation of new business models and can overhaul existing models in the realms of augmented reality, accessibility for the handicapped and major stage design productions

» Best of Mobile World Congress

07/03/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. Follow the event by Facebook Live! A summary of the main MWC innovations and trends from several angles with a marketing outlook

» International funds in Spain. Outlook and strategies for 2017

02/03/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Sharing their opinions of the Spanish market, and their positioning and investment strategies for 2017 will be two of the most dynamic funds in the Spanish market, and one of the foremost banks selling assets in finance markets

» How to satisfy hyper-demanding customers. Every brand must have a purpose

27/02/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Come along and find out about Spain's biggest survey of brands and values featuring the opinion of more than 40 experts, academics and influencers in the realm of brands, reputation and innovation, by Nielsen, Canvas Sustainable Strategies and the agency 21gramos

» 8th Capital Markets Trend Seminar. The consolidation of Development in Spain

21/02/2017 | Barcelona | Bilingual. The ESADE Alumni Real Estate Club is hosting the 8th Capital Markets Trend Seminar, ''The consolidation of Development in Spain''

» Consumer Health Products. Great ideas for maximising your marketing

15/02/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. The pharma industry is evolving and making it increasingly difficult to launch new medicines. This talk aims to inspire the audience by sharing the experience of leading brands

» Electric Motorsport: A Paradigm Shift

08/02/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. Will the high-tech evolution of the electric car be driven by the competition or does a completely different scenario lie ahead?

» Guided tour of the CEDEX Centre of Port and Coast Studies (Spanish Ministry of Development)

02/02/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. The Center of Port and Coast Studies is fitted with the very latest equipment including a large-scale wind and wave channel, a ship manoeuvre simulator, wave tanks and a marine experimentation laboratory

» Santander Group: Challenges in the Digital Transformation of a Global Entity

25/01/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Victor Matarranz, Head of Group Strategy and the Executive Chairman's Office at Santander, will share his vision regarding how a major entity and global leader should face these challenges, their evolution, and the unstoppable transformational force of technology at the present moment

» Guided tour of the Samfaina Opera at the Gran Teatre del Liceu

19/01/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. This guided tour of the Samfaina Opera is a window into the gastro entertainment staged at the Gran Teatro del Liceo in conjunction with the Roca brothers

» The digital transformation of business

18/01/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. Intensive corporate digitization is giving rise to countless questions. The transversal incorporation of digital activities can, together with their current dimensions, create crucial value for companies and accelerate change within them

» Transparency in public realms: taking stock and the challenges from the viewpoint of civil society

13/12/2016 | Madrid | Spanish. Corruption, one of the issues of greatest concern in Spain, has burst onto the country's political agenda. To eradicate it, it is essential for transparency and good governance to become cornerstones in the management of public affairs

» Health tourism in Spain

01/12/2016 | Madrid | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Health & Pharma Club invites you to another interesting talk in Madrid, ''Health tourism in Spain''. The turnover and volume of health tourism in Spain is currently growing by 20% a year, with more and more foreign patients coming to Spain for healthcare

» New HR profiles in the pharmaceutical industry

30/11/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Health and Pharma Club and the ESADE Alumni People Management and Organisation Management Club invite you to ''New HR profiles in the pharmaceutical industry''

» Successful finance models for the film industry

29/11/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Cultural and Creative Industry Club invites you to a panel discussion where producers Adrián Guerra (Palmeras en la Nieve, Red Lights, Grand Piano) and Carlos Fernández (100 metros, Rec, Transsiberian) will explain the fabric of the film industry, with particular emphasis on the production and finance of box-office hits

» Guided tour of Seur Barcelona's business unit

21/11/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Operations Club is holding a guided tour of Seur Barcelona's business unit (covering the city of Barcelona and Hospitalet de Llobregat, and the second largest in the entire Seur network) and one of their transhipment hubs in El Prat de Llobregat

» Guided tour of Sala Parés: art gallery since 1877

10/11/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Cultural and Creative Industries Club is holding a guided tour of Sala Parés, one of the world’s oldest art galleries

» II Sports Technology Symposium

10/11/2016 | Barcelona | English. The ESADE Alumni Digital Business & ICT Club, in collaboration with FC Barcelona, invites you to the 2nd Sports Technology Symposium on 10th and 11th November 2016

» 'Multi-speed IT in a Digital World', by Ezio Armando

07/11/2016 | Madrid | English. The ESADE Alumni Digital Business & ICT Club invites you to this talk entitled ''Multi-speed IT in a Digital World'' by Ezio Armando, Managing Director and Master Technology Architect at Accenture

» CSR and Healthcare

07/11/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Health and Pharma Club invites you to a talk and discussion about CSR for healthcare providers and insurers with several in-depth case studies about good practice

» Google. Inspiring the advertising strategy for 2017

02/11/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Marketing Club is holding a workshop to review the advertising strategies in today's digital environment and inspire advertising strategies for 2017

» 5th ESADE Alumni Automotive Club Dinner

27/10/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. You are warmly invited to the ESADE Alumni Automotive Club dinner ''Technology, the future of the car and self-driving. Fact or fiction?'' featuring Abel Carbonell, head of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems at Applus IDIADA, and Rafael Boronat, President of the European Association of Automotive Engineers

» Digital transformation of business: What's next?

27/10/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Finance Club invites you to a session where we will explore the ways in which companies are responding to the challenges of digital transformation and the emerging technologies that will leave their mark on the future evolution of business

» Guided tour of the Ecoenergies Barcelona power plant

25/10/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Energy & Environment Club is holding a tour of the Veolia group’s Ecoenergies power plant in the Barcelona Free Zone. This plant is the core of the thermal energy network for South Barcelona and L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

» 'Brexit: what's next?' by Sir Philip Lowe

25/10/2016 | Madrid | English. The ESADE Alumni Energy & Environment Club invites you to discuss all these issues over breakfast with Philip Lowe, former Director General of Competition and Energy in the European Commission, and Ángel Saz, Director of ESADEgeo

» Social media, politics and the government. A great success or a let down?

20/10/2016 | Madrid | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Public Management Club invites you to this session entitled ''Social media, politics and the government. A great success or a let down?''

» ESADE session at Barcelona Meeting Point. The Barcelona Funds Meeting

19/10/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Real Estate Club will be taking part in the Barcelona Funds Meeting programme during the 20th Barcelona Meeting Point Symposium, 19-20 October 2016

» Collective intelligence: new resources to expand the leadership spectrum

15/10/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni People and Organisation Management Club invites you to a workshop about collective intelligence

» 'Platforms vs traditional pipelines. Who wins and why?', by associate professor Esteve Almirall (PhD 10)

05/10/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. ESADE Alumni invites you to a talk in the Refresher Programme entitled ''Platforms vs traditional pipelines. Who wins and why?'' by associate professor Esteve Almirall (PhD 10)

» Brexit. Geopolitical and economic issues and fallout

21/09/2016 | Barcelona | Spanish. Come along to the first ESADE Alumni Finance Club talk of the year and gain an insight into Brexit.

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