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Functional and Sector-specific Clubs

There are 20 clubs, whose objectives are: networking; training; establishing professional networks; collaboration in the functional or sector-specific area that the club represents.

ESADE Alumni has encouraged the formation of new functional and sector-specific clubs with a view to fostering networking, keeping alumni up to date with the latest developments in the field, and pooling experience.

The clubs' activities allow alumni to share their professional experience with others and give managers and professionals a forum where they can compare notes and share knowledge. Areas covered include: training; sector-specific information; the private sector; professional networks; and collaboration.

Forthcoming Events

Are you ready for omnichannel consumers?

Are you ready for omnichannel consumers?

When?: 13/09/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

The evolution of pilgrim leadership

During the session, Oriol Segarra (Lic&Master 94), CEO of the Uriach Group, will present his leadership model from both a conceptual and applied approach, and then discuss the following areas

When?: 17/09/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

A strategic view of people management from the standpoint of the Randstad CEO

You are warmly invited to this talk by Rodrigo Martin, executive chairman of Randstad Spain and CEO of Randstad in Latin America

When?: 26/09/2018 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

11th Edition Aptissimi Awards

The previous Aptissimi awards were a great success in Barcelona and Madrid. If you sign up, you’ll see that this is a very good opportunity to spend some time with colleagues in the profession

When?: 26/09/2018 | Time?: 20:00 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

How to make your brand appeal to Amazon users

No matter if your company is big or small, this is your opportunity to find out directly from the Amazon Media team about the secrets of tailoring your marketing to specific e-commerce requirements and raising the awareness of your brand in this area

When?: 03/10/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Previous Events

» 3rd Annual Dinner of the ESADE Alumni Energy and Environment Club

11/07/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Energy and Environment Club is holding its 3rd annual dinner featuring David Serrano, CEO of Districlima.

» IBM Global C-Suite Study 2018: Incumbents strike back

06/07/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. During this talk, Alfred Escala (MDAE 86), vice president in charge of industries and business development for IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel, will outline the findings of the IBM Global C-suite study 2018

» 18th Real Estate Industry Annual Dinner

04/07/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Real Estate Club is pleased to invite you to the 18th annual dinner of the real estate industry

» 7th Barcelona Automotive Conference

26/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. One of the main themes of this conference will be alternative energies to petrol and diesel (CNG, LPG, electricity and hydrogen) and particularly their possible impact on the future of dealerships

» Guided tour of the port of Barcelona

25/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. This guided tour is your chance to find out first hand about the operations, traffic, infrastructure and operators in the port during a boat ride

» Will robots take control of strategic decision-making in marketing?

20/06/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. This talk held by the ESADE Alumni Marketing Club will reveal how to incorporate robots into marketing departments as efficient new workmates

» 4th Marketing Night

14/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The Marketing Night is the annual high point of the Marketing Club’s networking activities. Your chance to make new contacts and keep up with the latest marketing trends. A night with something for everyone

» Would you buy a car today? Disruptive, new business models in the mobility industry

14/06/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. If you had to decide today, would you buy a car? Today’s potential buyers face a paradigm shift: service or ownership? And what about when the driverless car comes on the scene?

» CFO Conference. The new role of the CFO in a digital data world. Business Intelligence

13/06/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. This ESADE Alumni Finance Club event will discuss the changes taking place in companies’ finance departments with regard to business knowledge, customer understanding and direct impact on strategy, all in the new digital environment that lies ahead

» Can a local family firm become a global leader?

13/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The Spanish economy consists of a great many SMEs that account for 70% of its GNP. Something of a natural selection between winners and losers has taken place in the last ten years, beginning with the crisis of 2008

» ESADE Alumni Real Estate Club. 19th Annual Conference

12/06/2018 | Barcelona | Bilingual. An overview of this market in Spain will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Spanish and international experts enabling a comparison of the Spanish market with other European countries

» Las 5 claves del cambio de Adolfo Domínguez

07/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. “We change in order to remain different”. This is how Adriana Domínguez, Adolfo Domínguez CEO

» Twenty-first-century healthcare. The patient-oriented approach. An impossible dream?

06/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Is the patient really the focal point of healthcare today? Are the strategy and indicators of Spain’s healthcare institutions in line with patients’ demands? Have healthcare staff assimilated this approach?

» Turnaround in monetary policy and the economic and financial fallout

30/05/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. This session will address the standardisation of monetary policy already being implemented by central banks and, particularly, the European Central Bank

» Design Thinking Workshop: a corporate team creativity technique

30/05/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. During this exclusive, hands-on workshop in two sessions, participants will learn how this technique works and add it to their executive skill set

» Marketing and pharma. Is innovation possible in more than just products? Successful case studies in marketing and sales strategy

29/05/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Healthcare and Pharma Club in conjunction with the ESADE Alumni Marketing Club are pleased to invite you to their talk, 'Marketing and pharma. Is innovation possible in more than just products? Successful case studies in marketing and sales strategy'

» Guided tour: Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

18/05/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Would you like to visit the Real Madrid stadium? Come along and enjoy a Friday afternoon with a difference: ESADE Alumni has organised a guided tour for you and your children or friends

» Guided tour of Centre Alimentari bonÀrea

18/05/2018 | Lleida | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Family Business Club and the ESADE Alumni Operations Club are holding a guided tour of the bonÀrea Agrupa facilities (Corporación Alimentaria Guissona S.A)

» Breakfast talk with José Luis Escrivá, AIReF president

18/05/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Breakfast talk with José Luis Escrivá, AIReF president. Are our economies now resilient enough to deal with another cyclical downturn?

» The changing role of general counsel and legal service providers

17/05/2018 | Barcelona | English. Globalization and digital technology have transformed the role of general counsel. This talk presents a series of studies that explain how general counsel has transformed the in-house legal function and its relationships with law firms

» Guided tour of the Amazon logistics centre

04/05/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Operations Club is pleased to announce their forthcoming event: your chance to visit the Amazon logistics centre in El Prat de Llobregat

» Manon Lescaut, an opera by Giacomo Puccini

03/05/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Cultural and Creative Industries Club is pleased to invite you to their forthcoming talk: Manon Lescaut, an opera by Giacomo Puccini

» Movistar eSports Center visit

26/04/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Movistar eSports Center visit

» Guided tour of the Renfe traffic control centre

25/04/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Public Management Club is pleased to announce another event to learn first-hand about how Spain's public sector works and the services it provides

» New trends for 'dummies' series. What is e-marketing?

18/04/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. New trends for 'dummies' series. What is e-marketing?

» Energy and tomorrow's car

18/04/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Energy and tomorrow's car

» New FMCG and distribution paradigm. The shift from commoditized product to value-added service

18/04/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. New FMCG and distribution paradigm. The shift from commoditized product to value-added service

» Female leadership for change

11/04/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Because marketing is one of the management areas with the highest percentage of women, the focal point of this Marketing Club conference will be female leadership and how it can trigger corporate change

» The management of family firm hotels in Spain. The challenges, threats and innovation of competing in a fast-moving industry

11/04/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. The forthcoming event being held by the ESADE Alumni Family Business Club and the ESADE Alumni Tourism Management Club will consist of a panel discussion featuring leading figures from foremost family firm hotels in their respective segments

» Is obesity just a public health issue?

10/04/2018 | Barcelona | Bilingual. Obesity has become a public health problem in all developed and developing countries due to the high percentage of the affected population and the impact on other chronic diseases.

» Neuro-leadership and Zen

07/04/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. This session will feature a live demonstration and exercises in the latest neuro-feedback techniques

» Big Data Marketing. New data product development

04/04/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Exploiting and monetising vast amounts of customer data is one of the challenges that faces marketing management during digital transformation

» Blockchain in culture. A new way of regulating the exchange of cultural goods and services?

21/03/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Blockchain is an up-and-coming trend that promises to revolutionise the economy and the business models of every industry. Applications related to intellectual property and rights management are already emerging in the sphere of culture

» Healthcare real estate: opportunities and threats

20/03/2018 | Barcelona | English. This event is a unique opportunity to gain local and international insights from leading figures about the opportunities and threats in this industry

» How to build brands with a purpose and with awareness

16/03/2018 | Barcelona | English. The ESADE Alumni Marketing Club together with the Department of Marketing Management of ESADE invite you to the session titled "How to build brands with a purpose and with awareness"

» Another talk in the 'New trends for dummies' series: Blockchain. What is it and what is it for?

13/03/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Ever had a conversation about e-marketing and felt that people were speaking a different language? Blockchain, big data and augmented reality are the latest buzzwords but do you really know what they mean?

» Best of Mobile World Congress

06/03/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Marketing Club is pleased to invite you to 'Best of the Mobile World Congress', a summary of the main trends and new developments at the MWC from different perspectives from a marketing viewpoint

» Strategic Sourcing

21/02/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Come along and find out how the goods, services, knowledge and innovation needed to create and maintain a company’s competitive edge can be obtained from external sources

» Andrea Chénier and verismo

20/02/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The Liceu proposes a new production tailored to suit the tenor Jonas Kaufmann, premiered in 2015 at London’s Covent Garden

» A strategic vision of personnel management from the viewpoint of the Euskaltel CEO

15/02/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. We would like to invite you to this talk by Francisco Arteche. He will draw upon his long career in first-rate companies such as Microsoft and now Euskaltel and share his vision of the importance of human resources in the new era

» IX Edition Capital Markets Seminar. How to increase returns in the current challenging macro environment?

14/02/2018 | Barcelona | Bilingual. The ESADE Alumni Real Estate Club is hosting the IX Edition Capital Markets Seminar, ''How to increase returns in the current challenging macro environment''

» Boundless Intelligence for Marketing

05/02/2018 | Barcelona | English. Join us as we share, brainstorm and discover the marketing workflows that can unlock the limitless stream of insights we're all looking for

» Guided tour: Casa Vicens, a sustainable cultural patronage case

01/02/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Cultural and Creative Industries Club invites you to visit Casa Vicens (1883-1885), the first home designed by Gaudí. It was declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO in 2005 and opened to the public in November 2017

» Black Mirror: Social Media and Online Reputation

25/01/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. You're invited to the first Black Mirror debate (based on episode 1, season 3 of this acclaimed TV series about how technology affects our lives) to discuss the impact of social media and online reputation on business

» 'The Educational System: The Long-Awaited Reform', with Ángel Gabilondo, former Spanish Minister of Education

24/01/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Public Management Club is pleased to announce a new session of the Major Reforms in the Current Legislative Session lecture series

» Servicios financieros y Fintech: nuevos partícipes, nuevas tecnologías y ¿nueva regulación?

12/12/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish.

» Desayuno del Club Energía y Medio Ambiente ESADE Alumni con Emili Rousaud (Lic&MBA 90 / AGT 96), CEO de Factor Energía

12/12/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. Competing with corporate giants: experience and survival

» Exclusive visit to the new Mango Logistics Center

01/12/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Operations Club is holding a guided tour of the most advanced logistic centre in Spain. The Lliçà dynamic distribution centre has a total surface area of 170,000 sqm on two storeys

» The impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The money of the future?

29/11/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. How will this affect your company? Will it affect your personal life? Will it open up new investment opportunities? What impact will it have on the economy?

» The challenge of the last mile in e-commerce logistics

28/11/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Property Club and the ESADE Alumni Operations Club are pleased to invite you to this talk about e-commerce

» Dinner speech by Rafael Catalá, Minister of Justice

23/11/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Public Management Club dinner speech in the ‘Major reforms in this term of office’ series will discuss one of the most necessary reforms: the reform of the judiciary

» HR management in public-sector companies: challenges and challenges in the 21st century

22/11/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni People Management and Organisation Club invites you to this talk about HR management in public companies, illustrated by successful case studies

» Elite materials in the automotive industry

16/11/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. Do you know what superhydrophobic materials are? Do you know what supercapacitors are and how they affect car batteries? This talk will answer these questions and explain the impact of these innovations on current business models

» Marketing Day: Back to School with ESADE Alumni Marketing Club

15/11/2017 | Barcelona | English. The practice of marketing has undergone many changes in recent times. Come back to ESADE for a day and learn what’s new and connect and share experiences with other Marketing Club members

» III Sports Technology Symposium

09/11/2017 | Barcelona | English. The ESADE Alumni Digital Business & ICT Club, in collaboration with FC Barcelona, invites you to the 3rd Sports Technology Symposium on November 9-10 2017

» Inbound Marketing. A practical workshop for members only

06/11/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Participants in this workshop will learn how to create and implement inbound marketing in their company, increase traffic, exponentially increase sales opportunities, and improve their company’s sales

» Members only guided tour of the 'Poesía Brossa' exhibition, MACBA

24/10/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Cultural Industries invites you to a members only guided tour of the ''Poesía Brossa'' exhibition at Barcelona’s modern art gallery, MACBA. Brossa, one of the most international Catalan artists

» Robots: Is the end of work as we know it really at hand?

24/10/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. We are at a critical moment in time. Different technologies are converging and propagating qualitative changes in the way we live, affecting practically every facet of our lives

» Guided tour of Amazon's logistics centre in Madrid

19/10/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Have you ever wondered what happens when you click the 'buy' button on Amazon? This guided tour is your chance to find out about the product flow from the moment it's received from the supplier to when it's dispatched to a customer

» Jornada ESADE Alumni - ULI in the Barcelona Meeting Point

19/10/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Real Estate Club and ULI are pleased to invite you to this session as part of the 21st Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP) Symposium to be held on October 19th, 2017

» Property market entering a new bullish cycle? The success story of Via Célere

17/10/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Spain’s property market has had a rocky last ten years but business and prospects in the office and residential sectors are looking up. But is the new bullish cycle apparently on the horizon based on solid, sustainable foundations unlike those of the previous period? What lies ahead?

» Blockchain and its impact on marketing

16/10/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. How is blockchain technology changing the value proposition of the 4 Ps? Are marketing departments ready for decentralization and the Internet of Value?

» VI ESADE Alumni Automotive Club Dinner

05/10/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. A unique opportunity to hear a talk by Jorge Milburn, TESLA Country Manager for Spain and Portugal. An overview of the TESLA mission and part one and two of its master plan, and a look at TESLA's main disruptive innovations that are changing the automotive industry

» Madrid Family Business Club cocktail to celebrate the start of the academic year

05/10/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Family Business Club is holding a cocktail to celebrate the start of the new academic year in the singular Gancedo building in Madrid and you are warmly invited

» Demographic change in Spain: its impact on pensions and the welfare state

27/09/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. On March 1st 2017, the Spanish senate set up a special committee to analyse demographic change. During this talk, Mr Ignacio Cosido will present the progress made by this committee and its mission

» Childhood obesity: a matter of public healthcare. Who is responsible?

20/09/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Overweight and obese children is a problem that affects society as a whole and, according to the WHO, is one of the most serious public health issues of the 21st century on account of its subsequent negative impact for adults

» ESADE Alumni Finance Forum 2017

20/09/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. You are cordially invited to the ESADE Alumni Finance Club's 4th Finance Forum, where the risk managers of Spain's leading banks will take an in-depth look at today's financial scenario

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