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Welcome to the ESADE Alumni Digital Business & ICT Club
Míquel Montes (GEMBA 09)
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» IBM Global C-Suite Study 2018: Incumbents strike back

06/07/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. During this talk, Alfred Escala (MDAE 86), vice president in charge of industries and business development for IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel, will outline the findings of the IBM Global C-suite study 2018

» Guided tour of the port of Barcelona

25/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. This guided tour is your chance to find out first hand about the operations, traffic, infrastructure and operators in the port during a boat ride

» Movistar eSports Center visit

26/04/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Movistar eSports Center visit

» Blockchain in culture. A new way of regulating the exchange of cultural goods and services?

21/03/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Blockchain is an up-and-coming trend that promises to revolutionise the economy and the business models of every industry. Applications related to intellectual property and rights management are already emerging in the sphere of culture

» Black Mirror: Social Media and Online Reputation

25/01/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. You're invited to the first Black Mirror debate (based on episode 1, season 3 of this acclaimed TV series about how technology affects our lives) to discuss the impact of social media and online reputation on business

» Desayunos ESADE with Fuencisla Clemares, CEO Google Spain and Portugal

23/11/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Fuencisla Clemares, CEO Google Spain and Portugal, keynote speaker at the forthcoming Desayunos ESADE talk

» III Sports Technology Symposium

09/11/2017 | Barcelona | English. The ESADE Alumni Digital Business & ICT Club, in collaboration with FC Barcelona, invites you to the 3rd Sports Technology Symposium on November 9-10 2017

» Robots: Is the end of work as we know it really at hand?

24/10/2017 | Barcelona | Spanish. We are at a critical moment in time. Different technologies are converging and propagating qualitative changes in the way we live, affecting practically every facet of our lives

» Guided tour of Amazon's logistics centre in Madrid

19/10/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Have you ever wondered what happens when you click the 'buy' button on Amazon? This guided tour is your chance to find out about the product flow from the moment it's received from the supplier to when it's dispatched to a customer

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