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3rd Cleantech Investment Forum

12/06/2013 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Barcelona

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On 12th June, ESADE BAN, Barcelona Activa (on behalf of the Barcelona City Council), the Repsol Foundation and KIC InnoEnergy hosted the 3rd Cleantech Investment Forum, an event for private investors looking to invest at least €25,000 in energy-efficiency projects. 

The Cleantech Investment Forum was conceived as a venue where investors could make contact with clean-technology entrepreneurs who require financing for projects in the areas of energy efficiency, energy savings, energy storage, wastewater treatment and smart cities. 

Fernando Zallo, Director of the ESADE Business Angels Network (ESADEBAN), opened the session by welcoming those in attendance and sharing some staggering figures: "In the last two editions of the Cleantech Investment Forum, we have had 21 finalists. Eleven of these entrepreneurs ultimately obtained more than €4 million in financing". Mr. Zallo went on to note that investments in clean energy create wealth for society as a whole, "either by promoting research in this country or by creating new jobs".

César Gallo, Vice Chairman of the Repsol Foundation, also offered some introductory remarks. "The aim of this event is to guide entrepreneurs, to assist them throughout the process and to help consolidate projects that offer differential value", he said.

Jaume Baró, Corporate Operations Director of Barcelona Activa, declared that the success of initiatives like those presented at the Cleantech Investment Forum reflects a particular way of doing and understanding things. "Barcelona Activa will always be a place where you will find support", he added.

Finally, Josep-Miquel Torregrosa, Business Creation Officer at KIC InnoEnergy, declared: "Our business acceleration programme helps entrepreneurs to define a strategy and develop their projects. But economic resources aren’t the only thing that’s important – it’s also important to support people and their future. This translates into direct involvement in projects that have differential value, because if those projects succeed we end up becoming partners". 

After these introductory remarks, the Cleantech Investment Forum continued with the presentation of two entrepreneurial success stories: Goldemar and WeSmartPark.

Representing Goldemar were Ernest Mendoza, the company’s founder and CEO, and Pere Mayol, partner at Summit Venturing and member of ESADEBAN. Mr. Mendoza discussed the importance of "changing one’s mindset as an entrepreneur and working hard to achieve a return on investment". Mr. Mayol explained that, when choosing investments, he considers a product’s "ability to have an impact on the market, its renown and its possibilities for development". 

Representing WeSmartPark were Jaume Mayor, the company’s founder and CEO, and Francesc Tarongí, founder and CEO of Enertika and member of ESADE BAN. Mr. Mayor described his company as a very young project: "It’s only one year old, but we are grateful for the support we have received. We have patented our system in Spain and we hope to expand to Madrid in the near future". Mr. Tarongí shared his reasons for investing in WeSmartPark: "First of all, because it’s an environmentally friendly, sustainable project, and also because the team has very clear ideas, a well-defined business model, and the values of sacrifice, honesty and commitment". 

Next came the presentation of the nine finalists of the 3rd Cleantech Investment Forum, which share the objective of addressing unmet clean-energy needs. The finalists were as follows: 

Talaia Systems: A more efficient computer server that reduces energy costs.

Tecnoturbines: Development and manufacture of pressure-regulating hydraulic microturbines that generate electric power.

Effilogics: Technology to control and reduce the consumption of energy, water and gas.

BNSTAR: Smart water management in buildings.

Scutum: Design, development, manufacture and marketing of electric motorcycles.

Adex: Development and commercialisation of optimised adaptive control systems for industrial processes.

Vortex: Development of a bladeless windmill. 

Epic Power: Design, production and commercialisation of energy recovery, storage and reuse systems.

Powertrack: Powertrain technology for automobiles.




ESADE BAN and the Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Activa, with the support of Fundación Repsol and KIC InnoEnergy, are organising the 3rd Cleantech Investment Forum, which will be held at ESADE on 12th June.

The organising entities for the previous two Cleantech Forums (1st edition, 19th May 2011; 2nd edition, 20th May 2012) have achieved the following results on behalf of the projects presented: more than 120 projects represented through the two forum announcements, 21 finalists' projects presented in the two forums and 11 projects funded through an investment of 4,265,000 euros.  

Investors: the Forum is aimed at private investors who are interested in participating in energy efficiency projects and are prepared to invest 25,000 euros or more. Register now here .

Entrepreneurs: Projects related to the clean technology sector, especially in efficiency and energy saving, energy storage, water and waste treatment, and smart cities, who are seeking funding from private investors for amounts exceeding 50,000 euros. Submit your project here  

The projects presented should meet the following criteria:

− Sector: clean technology with a particular focus on resource efficiency, energy storage, water & waste water treatment and smart cities.
− Development through to initial growth phase (less than two years of commercial activity)
− Innovative technology with high growth potential
− Committed team (with at least one person working full-time)
− International, with an interest in Spanish speaking markets
− Established company or spin off looking to close financing round of up to €2 million

How can I take part?

The registration deadline is 31st May 2013. Participation is free.

1. Register by clicking here.

. Complete all the requested information precisely and concisely. The one page document that is created with the information you provide (the project file) is the most important and useful way to attract the interest of ESADE BAN investors.

. Once you have registered, it is essential that the six sections of the project profile (Your Private Site) are fully completed so that we can study your proposal in detail; otherwise we will not have all the necessary information to accept your project in ESADE BAN.

. Download and sign the participation guidelines and then upload them to the online platform. Participation in the Investment Forum implies your acceptance of the participation guidelines. 

The organising entities will nominate a projects selection committee that will consist of members of the respective organisations and experts from the clean technology and private investment sectors.

The selection committee will decide on 6th June the ten projects that will be presented in the 3rd Cleantech Investment Forum, which will be held on 12th June at ESADE.

6.30 pm Welcome on behalf of the organising entities 
César Gallo, Vice-President of Fundación Repsol
Xavier Sanchez (Lic&MBA 97 / AMP 08), director of ESADE Alumni 
Susana Tintoré, Executive Director of Services at Barcelona Activa
Josep-Miquel Torregrosa (EMBA 10), Business Creation Officer en KIC InnoEnergy

6.45 pm Sectorial table comprising entrepreneurs from previous editions who obtained funding

Entrepreneur: Ernest Mendoza, CEO y fundador de Goldemar
Investor: Pere Mayol (EMBA 08), partner de Summit Venturing e inversor privado de ESADE BAN

Entrepreneur: Jaume Mayor, CEO and founder of 9Smart
Investor: Francesc Tarongí, CEO and founder of Enertika

7:30 pm Presentation of entrepreneurs' projects (4 or 5 projects)

8:30 pm Networking cocktail reception

For further information:
T. 935 530 217

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