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Robots: Is the end of work as we know it really at hand?

24/10/2017 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Barcelona

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The Digital Business & ICT Club is pleased to invite you to this session entitled 'Robots: Is the end of work as we know it really at hand?' on October 24th on the ESADE Barcelona campus.
We are at a critical moment in time. Different technologies are converging and propagating qualitative changes in the way we live, affecting practically every facet of our lives. Digitalisation and recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with other technologies are transforming the way in which we learn, communicate and define ourselves socially.
This impact is particularly relevant at the economic and labour-related levels. In this new context, the traditional balance between capital and labour may change due to the exponential increase in technical capacity, while new challenges are arising that we have to address if we want to safeguard the structure of a society made up of people.
In this session we will discuss key issues such as policies to create and distribute wealth, the convergence of robotics and AI, the development of biogenetics which may transform our society, machine autonomy and the bias of the data on which the above are based.


Ginés Alarcón (PL 10), President, ESADE Alumni Digital Business & ICT Club
Rubén Agote, Partner at Cuatrecasas and an expert on the impact of new technologies on labour relations
Xavier Busquets (MBA 92), Associate Professor, ESADE Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences, and Academic Sponsor, ESADE Alumni Digital Business & ICT Club
José Antonio Pasadas, Secretary of Sectorial Policies of the Catalan UGT

A glass of complementary cava sparkling wine will be served to participants after this event.

Members are welcome to bring a guest.

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