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Welcome to the ESADE Alumni Health and Pharma Club
Rodrigo Rama
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» Twenty-first-century healthcare. The patient-oriented approach. An impossible dream?

06/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Is the patient really the focal point of healthcare today? Are the strategy and indicators of Spain’s healthcare institutions in line with patients’ demands? Have healthcare staff assimilated this approach?

» Marketing and pharma. Is innovation possible in more than just products? Successful case studies in marketing and sales strategy

29/05/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Healthcare and Pharma Club in conjunction with the ESADE Alumni Marketing Club are pleased to invite you to their talk, 'Marketing and pharma. Is innovation possible in more than just products? Successful case studies in marketing and sales strategy'

» Is obesity just a public health issue?

10/04/2018 | Barcelona | Bilingual. Obesity has become a public health problem in all developed and developing countries due to the high percentage of the affected population and the impact on other chronic diseases.

» Healthcare real estate: opportunities and threats

20/03/2018 | Barcelona | English. This event is a unique opportunity to gain local and international insights from leading figures about the opportunities and threats in this industry

» Childhood obesity: a matter of public healthcare. Who is responsible?

20/09/2017 | Madrid | Spanish. Overweight and obese children is a problem that affects society as a whole and, according to the WHO, is one of the most serious public health issues of the 21st century on account of its subsequent negative impact for adults

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