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Regional Clubs

ESADE Alumni's regional clubs hold a host of academic and leisure activities and arrange events for members in various cities throughout Spain.

For more information, contact ESADE Alumni: belen.perezullivarri@esade.edu

Next Events

Celebration of ESADE's 10th anniversary in the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce

The ESADE Alumni Aragón Club is pleased to invite you to this event to commemorate the 10th anniversary of ESADE's collaboration with the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce

When?: 03/10/2018 | Time?: 18:30 | Where?: Zaragoza | Language?: Spanish

Previous Events

» An Introduction to Fintech and Blockchain, by Carlo Sala

25/09/2018 | Valencia | Spanish. What is blockchain and how does it work? What is proof of work and why is it a fantastic solution when trustworthiness is at stake? What do miners do? And what does all this have to do with Bitcoin? And with your life?

» How neuroscience can boost e-commerce, by Professor Lluís Martínez-Ribes (Lic&MBA 76)

20/09/2018 | Lleida | Spanish. This talk will focus not on the moment the purchase decision is taken but on an overlooked but nonetheless very important part of the process prior to decision-taking: the moment the customer handles information

» The Government in Argentine Family Businesses: The Family Protocols

19/09/2018 | Sevilla | Spanish. A combination of family firm management and family firm psychology which generates new approaches enabling families to align their viewpoints and reach governance agreements

» The right attitude for success in business (and life), by Cesar Piqueras

19/09/2018 | SC de Tenerife | Spanish. ESADE Alumni invites you to ''The right attitude for success in business (and life)'', a talk by Cesar Piqueras, speaker, senior management coach and consultant, and writer. Excélitas Global CEO

» Webinar: How to Start Your Board Position Search, by BlueSteps

11/07/2018 | Online | English. Are you interested in becoming a board member and making a difference but don't know how to realize your aspiration in today's competitive environment?

» Dinner for celebrate the beginning of summer

28/06/2018 | Santiago de Compostela | Spanish. Let's celebrate the beginning of summer! Come along and enjoy with your old ESADE classmates whilst enjoying an exquisite dinner.

» XIX Annual ESADE Alumni Community of Valencia Club Conference

27/06/2018 | Valencia | Spanish. This event will address the management of high-performance teams, marketing, IT and strategy management and much more

» VII Annual Conference of the ESADE Alumni Aragon Club: New trends in sports businesses

19/06/2018 | Zaragoza | Spanish. Top sports businesses are experiencing great transformations driven by the need to sustain the level of engagement with their fans during sporting events and ensure they remain relevant

» VII Annual Conference of Andalusia ESADE Alumni

19/06/2018 | Granada | Spanish. Commitment is probably one of the most difficult factors to manage in a company. It cannot be created overnight, it depends on actions and generating a suitable setting

» X Annual Conference of the ESADE Alumni Lleida Club

18/06/2018 | Lleida | Spanish. X Annual Conference of the ESADE Alumni Lleida Club: Where is the limit?, by Josef Ajram

» The Swiss model. When politicians are subject to competition

14/06/2018 | Bilbao | Spanish. This talk will examine the factors that make Switzerland’s economic and political model so successful and unique in Europe. The complex answer is closely linked to Switzerland’s decentralisation

» VI Annual Conference of the ESADE Alumni Balearic Islands Club: Innovation in tourism

12/06/2018 | Mallorca | Catalan. If you would like to attend, please register and forward this invitation to other alumni you might know in Mallorca, as well as other business contacts

» V Annual Meeting of the ESADE Alumni Girona Club: Errors and successes of the new business models, by Carles Torrecilla (Lic & MBA 96)

07/06/2018 | Girona | Spanish. V Annual Meeting of the ESADE Alumni Girona Club: Errors and successes of the new business models, by Carles Torrecilla (Lic & MBA 96)

» The creative process: the Tadeo Jones experience

06/06/2018 | Sevilla | Spanish. The Tadeo Jones films about the character of the same name are known around the globe and are Spain’s top box-office animated films of all time

» Learning from the best: Management all black, by Norbert Monfort

04/06/2018 | Valencia | Spanish. All too often we look no further than ourselves or perhaps just other companies in the same industry. But why not check out the best, regardless of their industry? The All Blacks are the greatest sports team in history

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