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» I Annual Conference of the ESADE Alumni Tarragona Club: 'Marketing and sponsorship in professional sport'

29/06/2017 | Tarragona | Spanish. Chairing the panel discussion will be Josep Maria Andreu, director of MKT at Gimnàstic de Tarragona. The speakers will be Adolfo Bara, director of MKT of the professional football league and Javier Villamayor, manager at Tarragona city council and commissioner of the Games

» Afterwork in Tarragona

05/05/2017 | Tarragona | Spanish. It will be a great occasion to get to know each other and explore new business opportunities, whilst enjoying a wonderful time together with the board members of the Club

» 'The new growth phase of the Spanish economy: investment opportunities' by Gonzalo Bernardos

23/03/2017 | Tarragona | Spanish. In his talk, Gonzalo Bernardo will analyze the key factors in this new growth phase and also the opportunities and risks of investing in a variety of assets: variable income, fixed income, housing, other types of property, foreign currency and gold

» 'The arrival of cruise ships in Tarragona', by Josep Andreu

02/03/2017 | Tarragona | Spanish. Josep Andreu will explain how the strategy of this project has evolved since its inception, the opportunities of the cruise industry, the outlook for Port of Tarragona infrastructures, and the economic impact that this new type of tourism may have on the region

» '2017 Economic Outlook. A year of uncertainty: The Trump administration, Brexit and China', by Professor F. Xavier Mena

31/01/2017 | Tarragona | Catalan. The year 2017 is forecast to be one of the most uncertain economic scenarios of recent years. The fallout of these three factors on the global value chain of companies and their impact on professionals may both be considerable

» ''A' is for Success', by Lluis Soldevila

16/11/2016 | Tarragona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Tarragona Club would like to invite you to a flash session about how the techniques used by top professionals can help you get the most out of your career

» The chemical industry, challenges and future

20/10/2016 | Tarragona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Tarragona Club is pleased to invite you to ''The chemical industry, challenges and the future'', a talk by Teresa Pallarès, managing director of the Tarragona Chemical Industry Association, and Ramon Nieto, production manager at Repsol Química

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