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Welcome to the ESADE Alumni Tarragona Club
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» Amin Sheikh, social entrepreneur

17/05/2018 | Tarragona | English. This is the tale of a real entrepreneur, a brave, determined, down-to-earth person who has managed to implement a magnificent social project despite his little schooling

» Afterwork in Tarragona

03/05/2018 | Tarragona | Spanish. It will be a great occasion to get to know each other and explore new business opportunities, whilst enjoying a wonderful time together with the board members of the club

» What do blockchain and ICO (initial coin offering) mean?

01/03/2018 | Tarragona | Spanish. The talk will also discuss the concept or technologies of disruptive interaction between humans which empower society and lead to positive change

» The FASE method. The road to greater personal performance and effectiveness, by Agustín Peralt (MBA 96)

25/01/2018 | Tarragona | Spanish. Want to discover a simple way of increasing your everyday productivity by at least 30%? Want to be less stressed and feel you advance towards your goals each day?

» 'Four conversations with your team to ensure you sleep well', by associate professor Carlos Royo

26/10/2017 | Tarragona | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Tarragona Club is pleased to invite you to a talk in the Refresher Programme series by Carlos Royo, associate professor in ESADE's Department of Organisation and People Management

» 'The right attitude for success in business (and life)', by Cesar Piqueras

27/09/2017 | Tarragona | Spanish. This talk will reveal what lies behind someone's results, the success factor of the best entrepreneurs and high performers, and methods for changing one’s attitude. An enjoyable, hands-on talk

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