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Welcome to the ESADE Alumni Balearic Islands Club
Ŕngel Puig (Lic&MBA 92)
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» V ESADE Alumni Balearic Islands Club Annual Conference: 'The cornerstones of the sharing economy'

29/06/2017 | Mallorca | Spanish. The panel discussion will feature executives from different sectors of the sharing economy. How can Airbnb be the world's largest provider of accommodation but own no properties? And how can Uber, the world's biggest taxi firm, have no cabs?

» 'Anatomy of an online launch', by Franc Carreras

11/05/2017 | Mallorca | Spanish. This interesting talk will take a look at the techniques and repeatability of online launches by analysing a recent real-life case: the launch of the online community MamisDigitales.org

» 'Good theatre for better communications', by Mercedes Segura (Lic&MBA 90)

02/03/2017 | Mallorca | Spanish. In this workshop, Mercedes Segura (Lic&MBA 90), professor of Oral Communication at ESADE and public speaking coach for managers, will draw parallels between performing a play and communicating in a company

» International Entrepreneurship. 'Dameto Clinics: Growth of a New Venture' by Dr Gabriel Siquier Dameto

17/01/2017 | Mallorca | Spanish. During this session, we will use a specific example to take a look at how small companies can grow and go global in complex, structured environments

» 'The family business in 2040', by Professor Alberto Gimeno (Lic&MBA 84 / PhD 99)

21/11/2016 | Mallorca | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Balearic Islands Club is pleased to invite you to this Refresher Programme session entitled ''The family business in 2040'', a talk by Alberto Gimeno (Lic&MBA 84/PhD 99), ESADE's General Management and Strategy Department and Director of ESADE's Family Business Lab

» The Fŕbrica Ramis case study. A real-life insight into entrepreneurship and innovation by an ESADE professor

17/10/2016 | Mallorca | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Balearic Islands Club is pleased to invite you to a tour of Fŕbrica Ramis, a social, cultural and co-working centre by Juan Ramis (EVV 07), associate professor in ESADE's Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences

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