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Welcome to the ESADE Alumni Girona Club
Josep Maria Tura (PAD. Función Gerencial 86)
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» 'The right attitude for success in business (and life)', by Cesar Piqueras

23/11/2017 | Girona | Catalan. The ESADE Alumni Girona Club invites you to ''The right attitude for success in business (and life)'', a talk by Cesar Piqueras, speaker, senior management coach and consultant, and writer. Excélitas Global CEO

» 'Leadership and fear: a very constructive relationship?', by Jorge Cuervo (MBA 86)

16/10/2017 | Girona | Spanish. The obstacle to leadership is not fear itself but the fact that you do not know how to respond to fear. It is surprising to discover that good fear management can make you aware and help you think clearly!

» 'The Trump Administration, Brexit and the Catalan economy' by Professor F. Xavier Mena

03/07/2017 | Girona | Catalan. These risks, plus others such as European sanctions against Russia, are contributing to a scenario giving cause for concern to exporters, industry and the Catalan economy as a whole. This conference will examine these uncertainties for 2017 and possible solutions

» IV Annual Conference of the ESADE Alumni Girona Club: 'Girona: economic and real estate prospects', by Gonzalo Bernardos

15/06/2017 | Girona | Catalan. In this conference Gonzalo Bernardos will analyse the international economy including that of Catalonia and Gerona itself, with particular focus on the evolution and prospects of the property market, and share his point of view and opinion in this respect

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