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Welcome to the ESADE Alumni Girona Club
Josep Maria Tura (PAD. Función Gerencial 86)
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Film Forum: The True Cost. The impact the textile industry is having on humanity

The True Cost is a documentary by Andrew Morgan about who really pays the price of our clothes

When?: 26/04/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Girona | Language?: Spanish

Previous Events

» I want this brand! How to create desirable brands able to remain market leaders, by Oriol Iglesias (Lic&MBA 98 / PhD 06)

19/04/2018 | Girona | Spanish. I want this brand! How to create desirable brands able to remain market leaders, by Oriol Iglesias (Lic&MBA 98 / PhD 06)

» E-commerce for SMEs

05/04/2018 | Girona | Spanish. This conference will consist of an introductory talk by David Martí about the cornerstones of e-commerce

» The FASE method. The road to greater personal performance and effectiveness, by Agustín Peralt (MBA 96)

15/03/2018 | Girona | Catalan. Want to discover a simple way of increasing your everyday productivity by at least 30%? Want to be less stressed and feel you advance towards your goals each day?

» Next stop: a trip through the world of management, by Norbert Monfort

11/01/2018 | Girona | Catalan. Norbert Monfort, academic assistant in ESADE's department of people management and organisation, will present his book Next Stop, a management guide to team leadership and training leaders

» 'The right attitude for success in business (and life)', by Cesar Piqueras

23/11/2017 | Girona | Catalan. The ESADE Alumni Girona Club invites you to ''The right attitude for success in business (and life)'', a talk by Cesar Piqueras, speaker, senior management coach and consultant, and writer. Excélitas Global CEO

» 'Leadership and fear: a very constructive relationship?', by Jorge Cuervo (MBA 86)

16/10/2017 | Girona | Spanish. The obstacle to leadership is not fear itself but the fact that you do not know how to respond to fear. It is surprising to discover that good fear management can make you aware and help you think clearly!

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