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Welcome to the ESADE Alumni Lleida Club
Xavi Roca (Lic&MBA 98)
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» IX Annual Conference of the ESADE Alumni Lleida Club: 'Know that you can' by Irene Villa

22/06/2017 | Lleida | Spanish. In the face of adversity, certain thoughts and attitudes can help us survive. Irene Villa, psychologist, journalist, humanist, motivational speaker and writer, will lead the IX Annual Conference of the ESADE Alumni Lleida Club

» Venture capital for startups: How do rounds of funding work?

06/06/2017 | Lleida | Catalan. This session by Ricard Garriga, co-founder of Torret Road Capital and Menorca Millennials, will explain how to plan and carry out a round of funding from the viewpoint of entrepreneurs and investors

» 'A year of uncertainty: The Trump administration, Brexit and China', by Professor F. Xavier Mena

20/04/2017 | Lleida | Catalan. The year 2017 is forecast to be one of the most uncertain economic scenarios of recent years. The fallout of these three factors on the global value chain of companies and their impact on professionals may both be considerable

» 'Learning from the best', by Francisco Alcaide Hernández

30/03/2017 | Lleida | Spanish. ''Learning from the best'' is the result of more than fifteen years of in-depth study of people who have achieved extraordinary results in the world of leadership, personal development, entrepreneurship, finance and sport

» 'A great opportunity for SMEs', by Jaume Gurt

06/02/2017 | Lleida | Spanish. The new generations demand working relationships and conditions not on offer from big companies. Technology provides unique opportunities for those able to take advantage of them

» ''A' is for Success', led by Lluis Soldevila

13/12/2016 | Lleida | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Lleida Club would like to invite you to a flash session about how the techniques used by top professionals can help you get the most out of your career

» 'Brand experience management: the key of building a powerful brand', by Professor Oriol Iglesias (Lic&MBA 98 / PhD 06)

14/11/2016 | Lleida | Catalan. The ESADE Alumni Lleida Club invites you to this Refresher Program talk entitled ''Brand experience management: the key of building a powerful brand'', by Oriol Iglesias (Lic&MBA 98 / PhD 06), full Professor in ESADE's Marketing Management Department, Director of the ESADE Brand Institute and Coordinator of GRECOMAR, the ESADE – URL brand and consumer research group

» 'Good theatre for better communications', by Mercedes Segura (Lic&MBA 85)

19/10/2016 | Lleida | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Lleida Club is pleased to invite you to ''Good theatre for better communications'', a workshop by Mercedes Segura (Lic&MBA 85), professor of Oral Communication at ESADE and public speaking coach for managers

» 'B2B Business Development', by Óscar Torres

27/09/2016 | Lleida | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Lleida Club invites you to this Refresher Programme session entitled ''B2B Business Development'' by Óscar Torres, Director of the Executive Education B2B Management Programme at ESADE, Director Global Business Development at Dassault Systemes, Consultant, Trainer, Member of the Advisor Council and Expert in Strategy and Sales B2B

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