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Welcome to the ESADE Alumni Western Andalusia Club.
José Alberto Ramírez (MBA 95)
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» VI Annual Conference Andalucia ESADE Alumni: 'Realise that you can' by Irene Villa

27/06/2017 | Sevilla | Spanish. In the face of adversity, certain thoughts and attitudes can help us survive. Irene Villa, psychologist, journalist, humanist, motivational speaker and writer, will lead the VI Annual Conference of the ESADE Alumni Andalucía

» 'Defining your career goals', by Maite Uson

25/05/2017 | Sevilla | Spanish. This flash session designed to define several career paths to ensure that the job market regards you as a potential candidate. In addition, participants will learn how to communicate them effectively to the job market and its agents

» 'Operational innovation: the key to the most competitive companies', by Guillermo Amén

21/04/2017 | Sevilla | Spanish. This talk will examine whether there is a sort of selling that does not centre solely on commercial factors but on preparing the business by means of efficient innovation + operations and letting the market know. In other words, a sales approach focused on operations alone

» 'Back to basics: Sangría Lolea' by Bruno Balbás

16/03/2017 | Sevilla | Spanish. Just three years after the first bottle of Lolea was sold, their products are now to be found in the world's finest gourmet stores in more than 40 countries

» Christmas cocktail in Sevilla

29/11/2016 | Sevilla | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Western Andalusia Club and the University Loyola Andalucía invite you to celebrate Christmas with a dinner at the Muelle 21 restaurant

» High-performance executives smash expectations

10/11/2016 | Sevilla | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Western Andalusia Club is pleased to invite you to ''High-performance executives smash expectations'', a talk by David Cohen and Enrique Recuerda, partners at Intiva Desarrollo Directivo, a firm specialised in making a real impact on the professional performance and development of executives and work teams in large companies and multinationals

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