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Why Is Transformation Key to Survival for Family Businesses?

30/05/2012 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Barcelona


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Companies often find it difficult to transform in keeping with the pace of change required by the dynamic environment. The entrepreneurial families that have endured over the years are those which have not only expanded but also transformed their companies. They create, acquire and close companies, but – most importantly for the lives of their groups – they also repeatedly change the focus of their core business; they change the nature of their business.

Survival over time, therefore, depends on the family’s ability to lead, encourage and allow transformation within their companies. Protocol development should not be the sole focus; more importantly, the family – or a portion of it at least – needs to build an alliance that combines creativity, entrepreneurial vitality, organisational capacity and the maturity to roll with the times. 

This is no easy task. Let’s face it: Neither being an entrepreneur nor being an entrepreneurial family is easy. Not everyone can do it, and not all families can manage it. Doing business means taking risks: You may win, but you may also lose. It is a mistake to think that business technique – management – can eliminate risk. The illusion that a family controls the world to such a degree that it can, by consensus, understand and protocolise the surrounding world may indeed bring us comfort. But such a notion has little to do with business dynamics. 

This session, led by Associate Professor Alberto Gimeno, will show that many entrepreneurial families are focused on transformation. Sadly, they are not the majority, but they are numerous, spanning all sectors and regions of the world. Although the view from Spain may suggest otherwise, family businesses are the backbone of the extraordinary creation of wealth currently taking place in the world. 

One example of transformational success is the Prous family, which owns the Prous publishing house, a world leader in the production of publications and online and CD-ROM-based databases of drugs. Several years ago, the family opened the Prous Institute, which is dedicated to developing new medical therapies. To learn more about this experience, we will be joined by second-generation family member Josep Prous, who has played a leading role in this transformation. 



Alberto Gimeno (Lic&MBA '84 / PhD '99), Associate Professor in the Department of Business Policy at ESADE and Academic Sponsor of the Family Business Club
Josep Prous (MBA ‘96), CEO of the Prous Institute

After the session we will offer a glass of cava.

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Non-members: 20 euros

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