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Corporate enterprise: the secret of business survival

05/06/2015 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Barcelona


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Presentation used by Montserrat Sanahuja (Nestlé Health Science) (only for members)
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Companies face the challenge of reinventing themselves to ensure their long-term survival, although their response will depend on how this need is perceived by staff. To bring about organisational transformation and change, the conditions must be right to nurture team intra-entrepreneurship. These conditions create the ecosystem in which corporate enterprise can flourish as the cornerstone of business survival.

On Friday, June 5th, the Personnel Management and Organisation Club in conjunction with the Asociación Española de Directivos (AED), Alumni Entrepreneurship and the ESADE Alumni Family Firm Club, invite you to take part in this workshop to gain an insight into how to create the right conditions to transform your company and achieve long-term business survival.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the experiences of different companies:
Nestlé Healthcare Nutrition - HP - Bodegas Torres

The hands-on format of the workshop will equip participants with the basic tools necessary to analyse their company’s ecosystem and draw up a roadmap they can directly apply to their business world.




4:00 pm    Welcome by Pedro Arellano (Leadership and Civic Engagement 12 | EMBA 07 | Business Strategy 05 | DARH 03 | Labour Auditing 01), Vice President ESADE Alumni Personnel Management and Organisation Club

4:15 pm   Speech by Jordi Vinaixa (MBA 91), academic director of ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute

4:45 pm   Round table and presentation of three corporate enterprise case studies

5:30 pm   Presentation of the AED report "Corporate Enterprise" by Fernando Mazón, chairman of the AED Intra-entrepreneurial Executives Committee.

6:00 pm    Coffee Break

6:30 pm   Team work using proposed tool

8:00 pm   Summary – methodology / individual roadmap

8:15 pm   Closing address by Agustín Pla (Lic&MBA 80), president of Alumni Entrepreneurship

Participants will receive a copy of the AED report "Emprendimiento Corporativo: Innova y crece con el potencial de tus empleados".

Workshop ends at 20:30.

Limited numbers.

Members only.

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