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Wednesday 11

January 2017

'Qualitative Study of Private Equity' by Santiago Simón (Lic&MBA 80/PhD 03)

After a brief look at the private equity situation in China, we will analyze PE operations from a qualitative point of view

When?: 11/01/2017 | Time?: 20:00 | Where?: Shanghai | Language?: English

Next days...

New Year's Stammtisch Munich

We want to get 2017 off to a good start so please sign up for this cocktail, the first of many events planned for you throughout the year

When?: 12/01/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Munich

'Mindfulness. In an era of distractions, learn to focus your attention', by Fernando Tobías

This enjoyable, hands-on session by Prof. Fernando Tobías of the ICAI School of Engineering, will teach us the basic theory and applications of mindfulness

When?: 12/01/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: SC de Tenerife | Language?: Spanish

SEP 2006 Dinner

We would like to encourage you to participate in this event being organised by students representatives, together with ESADE Alumni, to promote SEP 2006 Dinner. It'll be a fantastic opportunity to meet up with old classmates and friends

When?: 12/01/2017 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Barcelona

Annual Fondue in Zurich

Come and catch up with fellow alumni, while you nibble on some traditional Swiss fondue on Thursday, January 12th at 7:30 pm

When?: 12/01/2017 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Zürich | Language?: English

'Investment options in the new growth phase of Spain's economy' by Gonzalo Bernardos, director and visiting professor

Bernardos will examine the key factors in this new growth phase and the opportunities and risks entailed in different investments

When?: 12/01/2017 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

New year cocktail in Panama

We want to get 2017 off to a good start so please sign up for this cocktail, the first of many events planned for you throughout the year

When?: 12/01/2017 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Panama | Language?: Spanish

'Latest developments in management control. The Personal Controller. A case study' by David Bertomeu

Academic assistant David Bertomeu will explain the characteristics and background of the personal controller with the help of José Cuenca, controller at the company Blanco Aldomar, who will talk about his professional experience

When?: 12/01/2017 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

'The five key factors in B2B sales', by Óscar Torres

Tougher market competition has led to far more complex sales processes requiring more highly trained sales forces and, consequently, closer scrutiny from general management when creating the teams and processes needed to achieve business goals more predictably

When?: 16/01/2017 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

International Entrepreneurship. 'Dameto Clinics: Growth of a New Venture' by Dr Gabriel Siquier Dameto

During this session, we will use a specific example to take a look at how small companies can grow and go global in complex, structured environments

When?: 17/01/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Mallorca | Language?: Spanish

'Anatomy of an online launch', by Franc Carreras

This interesting talk will take a look at the techniques and repeatability of online launches by analysing a recent real-life case: the launch of the online community MamisDigitales.org

When?: 17/01/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Bilbao | Language?: Spanish

'Morder el hielo', by Lluís Soldevila: Become the best possible version of yourself

In this session we will discuss the techniques we need to lose our fear of change, to know ourselves, to have the positive attitude necessary to take action and, in short, to make change a synonym of opportunity and also success

When?: 17/01/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

'The Trump administration and the Spanish economy', by Francesc Xavier Mena

This talk will analyse the possible effects that the economic policy of the Trump administration may have on Spain's economic situation and outlook for 2017-18

When?: 17/01/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Valencia | Language?: Spanish

Get Together with the Bachelor in Global Governance students in Luxembourg

First networking dinner of the year, in order to reunite with ESADE Alumni and Bachelor in Global Governance students, on Tuesday, January 17th at 9.00pm at the restaurant BBT Chaud

When?: 17/01/2017 | Time?: 21:00 | Where?: Luxemburg | Language?: English

ESADE BAN - Presentation of seed-phase start-ups

ESADE BAN starts the new year by holding a breakfast for investors featuring start-ups in search of funding on 18th January at ESADE Barcelona

When?: 18/01/2017 | Time?: 09:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Coffee drop-in. Market positioning: Elevator Pitch

Not sure how to make a good impression as an executive? Know how to convey your special plus in a few words? Find it tough to make new contacts or introduce yourself?

When?: 18/01/2017 | Time?: 15:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

LinkedIn positioning and personal branding

This workshop led by Rosaura Alastruey, director of ProyectosTIC, expert lecturer on good professional networking, and pioneer in the use of 2.0 tools such as LinkedIn, is your opportunity to learn how LinkedIn can help you achieve your career goals

When?: 18/01/2017 | Time?: 17:00 | Where?: Zaragoza | Language?: Spanish

The digital transformation of business

Intensive corporate digitization is giving rise to countless questions. The transversal incorporation of digital activities can, together with their current dimensions, create crucial value for companies and accelerate change within them

When?: 18/01/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

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