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Thursday 12

July 2018

Desayunos ESADE with John de Zulueta, president of Círculo de Empresarios

Zulueta has been involved in Círculo de Empresarios since 2004, and on various occasions he has been a member of its board of directors and president of its healthcare committee

When?: 12/07/2018 | Time?: 09:00 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

Bowling night in Houston

This event is a unique opportunity for alumni to bond during a fun activity that will be a great icebreaker so let's strike up some fun!

When?: 12/07/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Houston | Language?: English

Summer Drinks with Beth Susanne

Why did the proposal that looked so interesting on paper, become a non-starter when the person started pitching?

When?: 12/07/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: English

Next days...

Conversation with Jordi Solé, president of Transat Hotels, about leadership opportunities and challenges

Jordi Solé was appointed president of the Transat hotel division in 2018. Since 2001, he has been overseeing the operations of resorts belonging to several major international hotel chains

When?: 17/07/2018 | Time?: 18:00 | Where?: Montreal | Language?: English

Afterwork with Bocconi's, ESADE's and IE's Alumni communities in Boston

We're holding a meeting for business schools in Boston and all ESADE alumni are invited. Join us for a networking evening with old friends and new from IE, Bocconi and ESCP Business School

When?: 19/07/2018 | Time?: 18:30 | Where?: Boston | Language?: English

ESADE Alumni & IE Alumni Entrepreneur Panel

ESADE & IE Alumni NYC Chapters would like to invite you to the first joint event between both Business Schools in NYC, an "Entrepreneur panel with two special guests: Christopher Carl & Barnaby Ferrero"

When?: 19/07/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: New York City | Language?: English

Wine taste at Santiago de Chile

We will taste and learn about 5 different wines and enjoy first-rate worldwide wines

When?: 19/07/2018 | Time?: 20:00 | Where?: Santiago de Chile | Language?: Spanish

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