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Sunday 14

January 2018

Details of the next session will be announced soon

Next days...

Workshop: 'How to outsource IT for your start-up without losing your mind'

ESADE Alumni Entrepreneurship is holding a workshop to help you outsource the IT you need to get your start-up off the ground

When?: 15/01/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Cycle 'Wellness'. Session: Mindfulness. Focus your attention in times of constant distraction

Too much information, constant interruptions and multitasking. How do they affect your productivity and your personal life?

When?: 15/01/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

Afterwork with ESADE professor Carlo Sala in Amsterdam

The ESADE Alumni Amsterdam Chapter invites you to an afterwork talk with Carlo Sala, Assistant Professor of Finance at the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting in ESADE

When?: 15/01/2018 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Amsterdam | Language?: English

'#medigitaltoo - How to make digital transformation happen and how not to', by Lucía Camarena (MA 91 & MBA 94 / PhD 04)

The ESADE Alumni Munich Chapter would like to invite you to an interesting talk by Lucía Camarena (MA 91 and MBA 94/PhD 04), management consultant in digital business and former marketing and sales executive in technology, media and financial industries

When?: 16/01/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Munich | Language?: English

Coffee Drop-In: The job interview

Not sure how to prepare for an interview? Which are your most frequent mistakes when explaining your experience? What difficulties do you face when dealing with an interview?

When?: 17/01/2018 | Time?: 15:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

'Critical Success Factors in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. What’s hot and what’s not', a talk by Professor Kenneth Morse

'Critical Success Factors in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. What’s hot and what’s not', a talk by Professor Kenneth Morse

When?: 17/01/2018 | Time?: 18:45 | Where?: Berlin | Language?: English

'Executive Careers in Global and Digital Times: Tend to Your Garden!', with Academic Assistant Xavier Mir

Thanks to globalisation and digitalisation, the acceleration and depth of the change taking place in the business world –and society in general– has profoundly affected executive careers

When?: 17/01/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

Economic outlook for 2018. Risk analysis: Catalonia, the Spanish economy and the world

ESADE Alumni invites you to a talk in the Refresher Program series by F. Xavier Mena, chair of economics at Ramon Llull University and regular professor at ESADE

When?: 17/01/2018 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

"Brexit as political risk", a talk by Ángel Saz

The session will cover Brexit’s possible causes, recent developments and future possibilities. It will underscore the political risks involved

When?: 18/01/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Washington DC | Language?: English

Neurolidership: real contribution of value to the organization

The ESADE Alumni Valencia Club is pleased to invite you to “Neuroleadership: real value added for companies” by Gina Aranas, director of Inginium and assistant professor at ESADE

When?: 18/01/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Valencia | Language?: Spanish

The FASE method. The road to greater personal performance and effectiveness, by Agustín Peralt (MBA 96)

Want to discover a simple way of increasing your everyday productivity by at least 30%? Want to be less stressed and feel you advance towards your goals each day? Willing to do what’s necessary to have more quality time in your personal life?

When?: 18/01/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Lleida | Language?: Catalan

'The entrepreneurship bubble', by Javier García and Enrique González

'The entrepreneurship bubble', by Javier García and Enrique González

When?: 18/01/2018 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Gijón | Language?: Spanish

Talk with HeadHunters: trends and opportunities

The ESADE Alumni Italy Chapter would like to invite you to the second HR based event. Be part of this experience. Meet other ESADE Alumni, friends, colleagues and recruiters during this event

When?: 18/01/2018 | Time?: 20:00 | Where?: Milan | Language?: English

Get-together with Mary Granger (Lic&MBA 90) in Tokyo

Come and take this chance to catch up with fellow chapter members and welcome new ones who have recently landed in Japan

When?: 19/01/2018 | Time?: 21:00 | Where?: Tokyo | Language?: English

Weekly EMBA 2018 Graduation

We would like to encourage you to participate in this event being organised by students representatives, together with ESADE Alumni, to promoteWeekly EMBA 2018 Graduation

When?: 19/01/2018 | Time?: 21:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

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