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Thursday 14

September 2017

'How to implement a compliance management system in a company', by David Velázquez

This talk by David Velázquez, senior associate professor of law at ESADE, will outline and discuss the main practical issues related to the implementation of such systems and the day-to-day problems related to their application

When?: 14/09/2017 | Time?: 08:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

The experience of 4 generations of 'Maestros Jamoneros' and their story in North America

Discover the experience of 4 generations of ''Maestros Jamoneros'' and their success story in Canada with the packing plant in Laval (Montreal), by Miguel Angel Redondo , general manager at Redondo Iglesias Inc

When?: 14/09/2017 | Time?: 17:00 | Where?: Montreal | Language?: English

Reception at the Spanish Embassy in London

The embassy is opening its doors to ESADE and ESADE Alumni for the most emblematic event of the 2017-18 academic year, on which occasion we will have the pleasure of meeting Mr Carlos Bastarreche, Spanish ambassador to the United Kingdom

When?: 14/09/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: London | Language?: English

Next days...

ESADE Alumni sailing weekend

This year the sailing classes organized for our members made us postpone the beach event that was initially planned for July, but now it is finally paying back

When?: 15/09/2017 | Time?: 09:00 | Where?: Athens | Language?: English

First get-together of the academic year in Johannesburg

We would like you to recommend us! Come and join future students and ESADE candidates, share your ESADE experience with them, meet new people and have a nice evening in the company of fellow alumni

When?: 15/09/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Johannesburg | Language?: English

First get-together of the academic year in Cape Town

We would like you to recommend us! Come and join future students and ESADE candidates, share your ESADE experience with them, meet new people and have a nice evening in the company of fellow alumni

When?: 19/09/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Cape Town | Language?: English

Was this the heralded 'retail revolution'? Discussion about the buyout of Whole Foods by Amazon

Last July, Amazon announced that it was buying Whole Foods for $13,700 m. The ensuing avalanche of press coverage was equalled only by the brainstorm amongst the prophets of the ''retail revolution''

When?: 19/09/2017 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

ESADE Alumni Finance Forum 2017

You are cordially invited to the ESADE Alumni Finance Club's 4th Finance Forum, where the risk managers of Spain's leading banks will take an in-depth look at today's financial scenario

When?: 20/09/2017 | Time?: 08:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Childhood obesity: a matter of public healthcare. Who is responsible?

Overweight and obese children is a problem that affects society as a whole and, according to the WHO, is one of the most serious public health issues of the 21st century on account of its subsequent negative impact for adults

When?: 20/09/2017 | Time?: 09:00 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

Kick off at Paulaner NYC

You're invited to this afterwork at Paulaner NYC on Thursday, October 20th starting at 6:30pm. Come along for a spot of networking whilst enjoying a drink with your old ESADE classmates

When?: 20/09/2017 | Time?: 18:30 | Where?: New York City

'The power of design in foreign trade', by Sebastian Guerrini

Is design powerful? Guerrini will show the 10 ways in which design has the power to bridge the gap between theory, methods and practice: essential for entrepreneurs, politicians, communicators, advertisers and designers in general

When?: 20/09/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Buenos Aires | Language?: Spanish

'Consumer Engagement Strategy in the Digital Age', by Pau Virgili

New technologies are reshaping market basics. In addition to the revolution of online communications there are also more fundamental aspects that make a radical overhaul of corporate strategy necessary

When?: 20/09/2017 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

'The MLI to prevent BEPS. What's behind the acronyms', by José María Remacha, academic collaborator

José María Remacha's talk will provide a hands-on and enjoyable insight into this new instrument produced in response to base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS), and then examine key aspects of the convention

When?: 21/09/2017 | Time?: 08:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Desayunos ESADE with Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer, Telefónica

Chema Alonso is Spain’s best known hacker and Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Telefónica. At ESADE Madrid he talked about the mission of hackers, privacy and how to protect ourselves from hackers

When?: 21/09/2017 | Time?: 10:30 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

European Business Schools in Toronto. First Global Meet&Greet

Let's celebrate the start of the new academic year! This is a great opportunity to get to know alumni from other business schools and explore new business opportunities whilst spending a pleasant evening together

When?: 21/09/2017 | Time?: 18:30 | Where?: Toronto | Language?: English

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