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Saturday 20

May 2017

Hike and lunch in the Serranos area

A chance to escape city stress and enjoy a wonderful setting in great company. The outing will last about 4 hours, with several stops to rest, have a drink and enjoy the wonderful surroundings

When?: 20/05/2017 | Time?: 09:30 | Where?: Valencia | Language?: Spanish

Next days...

Sunday Brunch at Yes Minister

Don't miss out on this Sunday Brunch! The event will take place at Yes Minister - Pub & Kitchen on Sunday 21st May at 12pm. Great chance to have fun and at the same time you make new contacts

When?: 21/05/2017 | Time?: 12:00 | Where?: New Delhi | Language?: English

Webinar: 'From the 4Ps to the 4Fs: new challenges for e-marketing', by Marc Cortés (MBA 99)

By working with a consumer-oriented digital transformation model based on these four main pillars, this interactive session will examine how digitalisation can enable marketing executives to tackle the e-marketing challenge

When?: 23/05/2017 | Time?: 14:00 | Where?: Online | Language?: Spanish

Build your Aspirational Identity with Lego Serious Play

This workshop which will help you discover the core professional role you identify with and reflect on your professional aspirations in order to focus and concentrate on the action you need to take

When?: 23/05/2017 | Time?: 17:30 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

'Marketing for Growth Ventures' with Professor Jan Brinckmann

This workshop, led by Dr Jan Brinckmann, is intended for anyone involved or interested in marketing for startups and will discuss the kind of marketing your startup needs to reach its main consumer

When?: 23/05/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: English

Afterwork with Judith Puigbň in Warsaw

Come to this afterwork with Judith Puigbó, Executive MBA Admissions Manager, and take this chance to catch up with fellow chapter members, it has been a long time, and welcome new ones who have recently landed in Warsaw

When?: 24/05/2017 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Warsaw | Language?: English

'Digital change must embrace more than marketing', by Franc Carreras, academic assistant

This talk will take a closer look at the impact on other corporate areas and executives. If you think that digital transformation will affect the future of your organisation and your career, this talk is for you

When?: 24/05/2017 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Madrid | Language?: Spanish

SEP 2007 10th anniversary

This magnificent event will take place at building 3 of ESADE. You will be able to enjoy with the presence of Alberto Gimeno (Lic&MBA 83), director of programme who will give an speech, and F. Xavier Mena, who will make a brief reflection of present topics

When?: 24/05/2017 | Time?: 20:00 | Where?: Barcelona

'Understand your Motivations, find your purpose' by Bill Wesioly and Ian Crawford

You're invited to an evening to experience coaching! Two certified professional leadership coaches will lead you during a hands-on journey to understanding your wheel of life, i.e. your satisfaction with where you are and the balance you have in your life

When?: 25/05/2017 | Time?: 18:00 | Where?: Toronto | Language?: English

'Defining your career goals', by Maite Uson

This flash session designed to define several career paths to ensure that the job market regards you as a potential candidate. In addition, participants will learn how to communicate them effectively to the job market and its agents

When?: 25/05/2017 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Sevilla | Language?: Spanish

XXII ESADE Alumni Annual Conference in Barcelona

This year we will talk about innovation with two keynote speakers who will share their academic and business outlooks. See you there!

When?: 25/05/2017 | Time?: 19:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Bilingual

PMD 2007 10th Anniversary

For this occasion, we have organised a dinner at the Daps restaurant. It'll be a fantastic opportunity to meet up with old classmates and friends

When?: 25/05/2017 | Time?: 21:30 | Where?: Barcelona

MDEF 2007 10th Anniversary

For this occasion, we have organised a dinner at Iradier restaurant. It'll be a fantastic opportunity to meet up with old classmates and friends

When?: 26/05/2017 | Time?: 21:00 | Where?: Barcelona

FT MBA 2015 Class Reunion

We would like to encourage you to participate in this event being organised by students representatives, together with ESADE and ESADE Alumni, to promote FT MBA 2015 Class Reunion. It'll be a fantastic opportunity to meet up with old classmates and friends

When?: 27/05/2017 | Time?: 10:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: English

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