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Career Services closing event: "Become the designer of your future: The creative revolution", led by Pilar Jericó

11/07/2012 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Barcelona

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'Become the designer of your future: The creative revolution', led by Pilar Jericó


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The ESADE Alumni Professional Careers Service closed the 2011-2012 academic year with a talk led by Pilar Jericó, Managing Director and Partner of Be-Up and author of bestsellers such as Héroes cotidianos, No Miedo and La nueva gestión del talento. Over the course of this year, the Professional Careers Service has held over 90 events and 700 interviews to offer career guidance to graduates. 

Pilar Jericó's talk focussed on showing that there are opportunities even in such uncertain environments as today's. “In your personal and professional life, having knowledge is not enough. We need to be daring in order to achieve the goals we set. We're living in a time of emotional erosion without precedent¿, she stressed. To overcome this situation, we need a creative revolution both on a personal and a professional level. And for this to happen, it is vital to appropriately use creativity, strength and energy.  

Fostering creativity paves the way to change. "We must stop judging and start playing. We should play with reality and create spaces to generate ideas. Creativity is an attitude and it needs to be worked on. And that's not easy. Intelligence is the skill of keeping two contradictory ideas in your head at the same time. Only when there is tension can creativity surface. Changing the answer is an evolution, whilst changing the question is a revolution" she declared.  

Ms. Jericó recommended working on personal strengths and putting areas for improvement aside. "We have to focus on what we are good at. We must become the best version of ourselves and we shouldn't be embarrassed to say how good we are at something. Latin culture is marked by vergüenza ajena, or the idea of feeling embarrassed for others. We won't be able to leave emotional erosion behind unless we call on the best of ourselves", she highlighted. What's more, she underlined the need to manage energy correctly, searching for a balance between work and periods for self-renewal in order to bring out the best in ourselves and tackle challenges with optimism. 

Carrying out this creative revolution is not an easy task. To achieve it, not only is physical energy needed, but also mental ability. "Energy is not just a question of quantity, but also quality. It exists on a physical level and also a mental level. Hence the importance of eating well, leading a healthy life, cultivating friendships, forging deep relations and enjoying life", she pointed out. 

Summing up her talk, Pilar encouraged the audience to keep using creativity to pinpoint new targets upon which to peg one's goals. "We can't always be moaning about missed opportunities or crying about unreached objectives. When there's loss, new doors open. We must be creative to find motives to keep on fighting. And, all this, bearing in mind that happiness depends on what you are and not on what you don't have, because you can lose what you have, but you'll never stop being who you are", she concluded.




The ESADE Alumni Career Services cordially invites you to the final event of the 2011-2012 academic year. 

Opportunities do exist in a climate of extreme uncertainty. To that end, we look to a creative revolution both on a personal and professional level. Pilar Jericó invites us to achieve this by working on personal strengths, ruling out the Z syndrome (to stop "juzgar" and start "jugar"), and most of all by overcoming the emotional erosion that is undermining our frame of mind. With this in view, she will reveal the key factors and latest research that will help us bring out the best in ourselves and face up to challenges with optimism.

Pilar Jericó is managing director and partner of Be-Up. Doctor in Business Organisation and graduate in Economics, she studied at Harvard and UCLA. She is the author of bestsellers, such as Héroes Cotidianos, No Miedo and La nueva gestión del talento. She has received several awards throughout her career, both as a writer and a conference speaker in Spain and Latin America. 

Come and join Pilar Jericó and the ESADE Alumni Professional Careers Service for this final event of the year

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