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An Evening with Jerome C. Glenn, CEO Millennium Project

28/11/2012 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Barcelona

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An evening with Jerome C. Glenn, CEO Millennium Project


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As part of the ESADE Alumni Evenings cycle, on 28th November a session was held called "The Millennium Project, 2012 State of the Future and Collective Intelligence System (CIS). Study on the Future of Business Organisations", led by Jerome C. Glenn, CEO of The Millennium Project. Guillermo Ricarte, Managing Director of Creafutur, introduced the speaker and thanked him for taking part in the event.  

The Millennium Project is a non-profit organisation founded in 1996. It is based on the idea that collective intelligence can improve knowledge about the future and thus tackle global challenges. As Jerome C. Glenn said at the start of his talk, "the world needs a way of thinking collectively about the future and globalisation". This 'transinstitutional' project, structured around 96 nodes all over the world, has been formed by such international organisations as the UN, governments, NGOs, foundations, companies and universities. The purpose of The Millennium Project is to make knowledge available for policy-making, training, study plans and public education.  

Jerome C. Glenn, who  presented the 2012 State of the Future report, explained that the world is speeding up. "Changes in the next 25 years are going to be enormous", he explained. "We are in a race between implementing greater and greater ways to improve the human condition and tackling  an ever-increasing complexity and scale of problems". The annual report covers over ten subjects, of which he highlighted the State of the Future Index (SOFI). 

This index tackles 15 interdependent, global challenges that provide a framework with which to assess local and global prospects for mankind. Of all fifteen, Glenn paid particular attention to climate change and the supply of drinking water. "Problems with water will get bigger and bigger, and even though projects are being carried out, they are not on the scale needed", he stressed.  

As for the economy, he outlined some of the factors that could shape the globalized, emerging economic system, and knowledge economy. He also gave an overview of Millennium Project's Delphi study on the future of business organisations, which mentions the importance of the Internet as a tool and of  the choices and actions that companies make. "Individually, they have a lot of power to influence global solutions", he pointed out. "Instead of being pessimistic, we should be realistic and act together as a team. The future of management is not based on a hierarchical structure, but on connecting different lines of action through nodes".  

The session ended with an open-floor discussion about possible actions a company can take to help tackle global challenges individually.




Jerome C. Glenn, CEO of The Millennium Project, will feature this new session of ESADE Alumni Evenings titled "The Millennium Project, 2012 State of the Future and Collective Intelligence System (CIS). Study on the Future of Business Organisations". 

This ESADE Alumni Evenings session combines the presentation of The Millennium Project, its 2012 State of the Future report and the monitoring of its 15 global challenges through the Collective Intelligence System (CIS) with the Delphi Study on the Future of Business Organisations, also drawn up by The Millennium Project.

Jerome C. Glenn, CEO of The Millennium Project

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