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Do you communicate what you have achieved in your different career stages well?

Describing your career achievements can help you strengthen and communicate your key skills, confirm your strengths and define your role in professional projects now or in the future.

When?: 19/12/2018 | Time?: 15:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Flash session: Better to lead than command

Leadership is a challenge that requires the personal leadership within each of us to be in line with our leadership of others

When?: 17/01/2019 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Coffee Drop-In. Become more visible and increase your market impact with an elevator pitch

Not sure how to make a good impression as an executive? Know how to convey your special plus in a few words? Find it tough to make new contacts or introduce yourself?

When?: 23/01/2019 | Time?: 15:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Cultivate gratitude to work in happy companies

This session will combine theory and practice. It will be participative session enabling participants to immediately start a culture of gratitude from the viewpoint of career development

When?: 24/01/2019 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Are you an effective leader? Find out with Lego Serious Play

You will examine what defines you as unique leaders, what drives you to lead teams and what makes people commit to you

When?: 05/02/2019 | Time?: 17:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

The journey towards high performance

Lluís Soldevila will take us on a journey towards high performance. It will be an exciting, practical journey, based on methodologies, provable with formulae and repeatable in everyday life

When?: 12/02/2019 | Time?: 17:30 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Key factors of positive leadership based on happiness

This talk is intended for personnel managers and anyone who works in teams in one way or another (e.g. colleagues, collaborators or customers)

When?: 21/02/2019 | Time?: 19:00 | Where?: Barcelona | Language?: Spanish

Previous activities

» 10 traits of the digital leader

13/12/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. According to Google, interest in digital transformation has increased by 2000% in the last four years. If you are reading this, you are probably one of the people interested in it

» Workshop: Improve your verbal and nonverbal communication

12/12/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Companies today expect managers to have a good command of spoken communication in a range of work scenarios, such as meeting as and conventions.

» Coffee drop-in: Hide and Seek. Job hunting strategies in open and hidden markets

10/12/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. The ESADE Alumni Career Service would like to invite you to this coffee drop-in to help you overcome obstacles and improve your job-hunting skills. A space for discussion, networking and sharing experiences, good practices, strategies and ideas about your approach to job hunting

» Applied neurolinguistics in public presentations

04/12/2018 | Barcelona | English. Only ideas that spread win. Communicate with clarity and confidence in English, with a strong sense of purpose. Weak English in presentations loses impact and speakers feel uncomfortable

» Brain, mind and creativity

27/11/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Where do ideas come from? No one knows, but we do know that inspiration's worst enemy is the hyper noise around us that distracts us from being creative

» Webinar: Salary negotiation, with Juan Arza (MBA 00) and Eduard Legazpi (MBA 98)

27/11/2018 | Online | Spanish. ESADE Alumni Careers is pleased to invite you to this webinar about better bargaining skills for staff recruitment and in-house promotion.

» Elevator pitch: a message for success

22/11/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Do you know how short a person's attention span is? Really short even when the subject matter is of interest! If you come along, you'll learn how to make an impact, and how to get your message across and make it unforgettable. See you there?

» Workshop: Positioning and personal branding in LinkedIn

21/11/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. The executive network LinkedIn is a very powerful digital tool. It currently has the most registered users

» Coffee Drop-In. Career goals: the secret of successful job hunting

21/11/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. This drop-in will be a space for dialogue and networking and for sharing experiences, good practices, strategies and ideas about how to go about job hunting

» LinkedIn. Optimise the positioning of your profile and boost your personal brand

20/11/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. This will involve creating a professional social media strategy based on the aim of each participant. Each goal may be different: finding new customers, partners, experts or suppliers, etc, or even achieving a new career goal

» Training a resilient mind with Mindfulness

15/11/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Training a resilient mind with Mindfulness. How to manage adversity, ambiguity and increasing complexity

» Are you an effective leader? Find out with Lego Serious Play

13/11/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Lego Serious Play is designed to facilitate knowledge, communication and problem solving in teams and companies in circumstances characterised by change, innovation or complexity

» Improve your communication and conflict resolution skills with self-knowledge

13/11/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. In this workshop organised by ESADE Alumni Careers, participants will use the results of their personal Target Disc as a basis for improving their communication skills and hence their ability to settle conflicts

» Greater effectiveness and productivity in the legal profession

08/11/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. In today's ever changing world, both corporate lawyers and those in law firms need to learn ways of being more organised and effective in their many responsibilities

» Coffee drop-in: Effective communication: your CV

05/11/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Not sure how to focus your CV? What are the most common mistakes? What difficulties do you encounter when highlighting your experience in your CV? Want to make your CV stand out from the rest and make an impression

» Organize your ideas and your work with mind maps

30/10/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Organize your ideas and your work with mind maps

» Webinar: Market research and informative interviews: career management levers, with Mercedes Sancho (MP-DDP 07)

30/10/2018 | - | Spanish. In career management, it is essential to be familiar with the professional realm you are aiming for in order to align your value proposal with the actual needs of this market segment

» Effective Nonverbal Communication Workshop

25/10/2018 | Barcelona | English. How can you improve the impact of your presentation with the effective use of body language and voice?

» Coffee Drop-in: Taking stock of your career.

22/10/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Do you have a good level of self knowledge as regards your career? Are you able to identify your interests, values, achievements and skills clearly? Do you know how self knowledge can help you through a career change?

» Coffee drop-in. Taking stock of your career. Time for a change?

17/10/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Have you thought about your career? Do you know where you are now and where you want to be in the mid and long term?

» Careers in the Innovation and Digitalisation Fields

16/10/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Digitalisation is transforming the business landscape and redefining the business concept as well as production, consumption and distribution limits

» ESADE Alumni Careers' inaugural session: The professional of the future: are you ready?

10/10/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Purpose, self-leadership and constant learning, amongst other aptitudes, the professional competency profile of the future. Do you want to find out more?

» ESADE Alumni Careers' inaugural session: The professional of the future: are you ready?

01/10/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. In this session we'll learn about the key trends that will mark the future and reflect on how to develop our curiosity and ability to learn new skills

» Webinar: How to Start Your Board Position Search, by BlueSteps

11/07/2018 | Online | English. Are you interested in becoming a board member and making a difference but don't know how to realize your aspiration in today's competitive environment?

» Workshop: LinkedIn positioning and personal branding

27/06/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking tool. It currently has the most registered users (over 150 million) and our country, Spain, has a major presence on a European level

» Coffee drop-in: Gestión de carrera y buenas prácticas

25/06/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Do you have questions and doubts about how to successfully manage your career? Do you want to share some of your own tricks and best practices? Our aim is to help you to find answers to your questions about your professional career

» The secrets to nurture an unbeatable attitude

21/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The secrets to nurture an unbeatable attitude

» Coffee Drop-In: Networking

20/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. Coffee Drop-In: Networking

» Difficult Conversations

19/06/2018 | Madrid | Spanish. Are you willing to fight for promotion if your boss thinks you're not yet ready? Are you in a marketing meeting and you have to choose and champion a new strategy because if you don’t do something you will never meet the year's target?

» Webinar: The secrets of successful global mobility, by con Carmen Cruz

07/06/2018 | - | Spanish. The main aim of this webinar is to help possible candidates for international postings understand the factors involved and how they interact

» How to be convincing in a job interview

05/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. The outcome of a job interview can be crucial for an executive's career. Now, more than ever, we need to be persuasive and convince the interviewer that no one else would be better for the job

» Are you making the most of your retirement?

05/06/2018 | Barcelona | Spanish. After a presentation about the challenges and opportunities posed by retirement as a stage of life, participants will be able to share their experience of retirement, the obstacles they encountered or now encounter in adapting to it

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