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The intra-entrepreneur: innovation from within

10/04/2014 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Barcelona


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ESADE Alumni’s Career Service is pleased to invite you to this flash session on how to be an entrepreneur inside a company, be more competent and influence a company’s growth from within.

When we talk about entrepreneurs we usually imagine the people behind a successful start-up. But is it really necessary to leave an organisation and set up your own business to be an entrepreneur? It’s true that companies are organised to optimise what they have and not to prioritise what they could have and, in cultural terms, being a rebel and raising doubts about what you are doing usually causes more headaches than satisfaction.

As a result of the crisis, things have changed. Companies realise that not changing anything has begun to be the most risky option. Working with enterprising people able to innovate is increasingly a priority.

This talk will take a practical look at the characteristics of these in-house entrepreneurs such as, for example, their ability to deal with mistakes and their behaviour in uncertain environments, and will show us whether we have any of these qualities and how we can develop them. In addition, we will discuss the leadership changes needed in order to foster in-house entrepreneurship, amongst other things.
We will consider how to create an ecosystem and culture that enable us to pinpoint and develop in-house entrepreneurs, the part they can play in transforming organisations in increasingly innovative settings, and the value that traditional entrepreneurs can contribute to the company. 

Our speakers will be Philippe Delespesse, director and partner of Inteligencia Creativa and Catherine Paredes, director and partner of Human Software. The two companies are specialised in designing solutions in times of change, and helping develop and structure creative thinking and a more proactive attitude.

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