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Think like a genius. Break down the mental barriers that stop you innovating

04/03/2015 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Madrid

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Think like a genius. Break down the mental barriers that stop you innovating

What’s the difference between a genius and an ordinary person?

We’re all inventive to a certain degree, i.e. able to generate ideas and inventions quickly or easily. But a genius is able to generate fantastic, original solutions and ideas time and time again.

Albert Einstein is undoubtedly one of the most influential geniuses of our age. A myriad of inventions – from optical fibre to spacecraft – are still based on his theories. Shortly before his death in 1955, when the Education Department of New York State asked him what schools should concentrate on in order to improve the education system, his answer was very surprising, "History. There should be a thorough discussion about the leading figures whose independent judgment and character have benefitted the human race".

The ESADE Alumni Career Service invites you to this flash session, a combination of theory and practice, thought and action, taking us on extraordinary journey through the life, ideas and inventions of some of mankind’s most remarkable geniuses. We’ll take a close look at each genius and gain great insight into their creative thinking strategies.

Using hands-on, applicable techniques and exercises, we’ll learn to break down the barriers that stop us from thinking like geniuses. This flash session will help us be more creative and innovative by learning from the legacy of the most brilliant minds ever.

Session led by Juan Prego, managing partner of Actitud Creativa and author of the book entitled "Piensa como un genio".

Seating limited to 30 people

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