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Aim and hit your target! Follow the six steps

We live in a rapidly changing world. The certainties of the past have been replaced by ambiguity and uncertainty. Globalisation, new technologies, and demographic and social changes have transformed the employment landscape.

Responsibility for career management has shifted from the organisation to the individual. Well-defined career paths are a thing of the past; today, flexibility is a must. The concept of lifelong employment has given way to that of employability - the degree to which your profile matches the demands of the market.

It's essential to understand this new reality, to write a script for your own future, to change your assumptions, and to acquire, strengthen and develop new skills, competencies and habits that will benefit you professionally.

Don't leave your professional future to others - or, worse, to chance. Take the reins and develop your own career: decide for yourself what you want, how you want to achieve it and where you want to go.
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Our multiple-step process will help you to define a career plan (your professional objective for the future) and develop an action plan (the steps you will take to achieve this objective). In other words, you will draft a revisable document that will lead you along your journey; a compass to guide you in today's changing job market.

Your career plan is sure to grow and change over time as your interests, experiences and motivations continue to evolve, as will the job market itself. Therefore, you'll need to regularly review your plan and reflect on your capacity to provide added value in today's rapidly shifting job market.

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