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The mentoring programme run by ESADE Alumni Careers aims to put professionals with extensive experience in a specific area (mentors) in touch with professionals who can benefit from their experience, advice and support (mentees) within a mentoring framework that can help them further their careers.

Looking for a career change? Ask for a career guidance interview here before initiating a mentoring process.

You might also be interested in Contact With, a service designed to put cardbearing alumni with a specific one-off need in contact with other members of the network.


1. Request to join the programme here.
2. Once you have signed up, ESADE Alumni Careers will contact you to find out more about your profile and availability
3. When mentees contact you, you will decide if their profile matches yours.
4. Remember that it is essential that you fill out your mentor profile in the Career Portal so that mentees can check your profile and your availability as a mentor.

What does being a mentor mean?
- Mentor Guide
- Extended Guide

To be mentors professional members of ESADE Alumni must:
- have pertinent and sharable experience in a specific area
- be willing to share information and knowledge.

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1. Request to join the program here
2. Once you have signed up, ESADE Alumni Careers will contact you to find out about your current situation and offer guidance about how to find the mentor best suited to your current needs.
3.Request matching

What does being a mentee mean?
- Mentee Guide
- Extended Guide

You can be a mentee if you are an ESADE Alumni member, enterprising, keen to develop your start-ups and interested in improving your skills, competences and knowledge.  

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The mentor decides the level and amount of information to be conveyed and is under no obligation to offer the mentee a job or contacts. The amount of help provided is always at the mentor's discretion.

At the end of the process, the mentor and mentee must complete a short questionnaire to evaluate the programme.

ESADE Alumni Careers is keen to ensure the quality and good functioning of the Mentoring Programme. If you have any queries during the process, please contact us alumnicareerbcn@esade.edu.

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