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From product placement to branded content

12/01/2012 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Madrid

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Article: MarketingComunidad.com: "Ejemplos de Branded Content" by Alain Ochoa  

The ESADE Alumni Marketing Club recently hosted a panel discussion titled "From product placement to branded content: when content is the advert". At the event, several experts expressed their views on the saturation of advertising messages and the new platforms, formats and channels that have spurred many advertisers to explore new formulas to transmit their messages. As it stands today, only 0.7% of advertising corresponds to branded content.

Opening the session was Javier Andrés, Marketing Director of Atres Advertising (Antena 3 Group). Andrés believes that branded content is an opportunity to create "relevant and interesting" content and that "brands should be integrated into programmes already on air, as well as major blockbuster series". He sees this new format as something that really grabs the viewer's attention: attractive content, with an effective way of communicating and extra revenue. The prime example, Popeye.

Next to speak was Félix Muñoz, Director of Communication at Coca-Cola. Advertising doesn't mean "embedding" a product, he explained, but that it has a meaning and that people want to hear it. "Either the brand is relevant or it has no meaning", he added. Advertising is going through a tough time. Since people have become "resistant" it is no longer as effective as it once was. Having become a pure and superficial fiction, it needs now to become, as Muñoz defined branded content, "the future of communication". The move needs to be made from block advertising to "relevance, credibility and creativity", he concluded.

Risto Mejide (Lic&MBA 97), Partner and Creative Director of Aftershare.tv, was last to take the floor. The publicist aired his views on the world of communication, saying that “brands should be the co-producers of content¿. According to Mejide, there's an imbalance in the system and the advent of social networks is gradually leading us back to outset, where “the consumer decides¿. Brands are conversation starters, “if your brand isn't talked about, all you have is a logo, not a brand¿, he stressed. He also believes in the word “transmedia¿, in other words, that any content can be cross-adapted to any format. Mejide also considers that just as we must decide who likes us, we must think about who doesn't. "If when you do something, nobody has been bothered, then you haven't actually done anything. You must be against something, so we believe in what we are told", he said. The creative director ended his turn with the following statement: "we must create content that the society wants, without forgetting to transmit brand enthusiasm to the consumer".

The panel discussion finished with a debate that came to the following conclusion: any product can be memorable and be branded content, but to do this impact is necessary.

Moderating the event was Jaime Castelló (EMBA 03), Professor of the ESADE Department of Marketing Management and Academic Director of the EMBA in Madrid.




The ESADE Alumni Marketing Club cordially invites you to this panel discussion where we will address issues such as the saturation of advertising messages, supports, formats and channels used, which years ago led to brands and advertisers exploring new formulas to reach target markets getting more and more sensitive to interruptions for interruptions' sake. As a result, product placement appeared, and viewers ended up learning how to detect, recognise and eliminate the impact from their visual and neuronal field.

The evolution of product placement is known as branded content, whereby brands create entertaining content, the limits between advertising and entertainment are blurred, and we come across a new, original and creative formula of gaining publicity. The brand creates the content, plays with it and leads the story, but in a totally integrated way, always striving to strengthen its characterising attributes and the links that connect it to the target market.

Jaime Castelló @JaimeESADE (EMBA 03), Professor of the Department of Marketing Management and Academic Director of the EMBA in Madrid

Risto Mejide
@RistoMejide (Lic&MBA 97), Publicist and Partner-Creative Director of AFTERSHARE.TV

Javier Andrés @jao13113, Marketing Director of Atres Advertising (Antena 3 Group)

Félix Muñoz  @femunoz , Director of Communication at Coca-Cola


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