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YES! ESADE Alumni is one of those decisions!

One of two words will define your attitude to life: Yes or No. Here at ESADE Alumni we belong to the YES team!  +INFO

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  • F. Xavier Mena: The first 150 days of the Trump Administration: checks and balances

    Language:  Spanish

  • Webinar: Still not decided on your career goals?

    Language:  Spanish

  • Storytelling, or how to tell a story successfully

    Language:  Spanish

  • Webinar: How to lead a team of leaders

    Language:  Spanish

  • XXII ESADE Alumni Annual Conference in Barcelona

    Language:  Spanish

  • Webinar: How to manage a supply chain in today's turbulent times

    Language:  English

  • Isla Ramos (Lenovo): A tale of transformation

    Language:  Spanish

  • The tourism industry: trends, opportunities and threats in 2017

    Language:  Spanish

  • XI Alumni Giving Back Closing ceremony

    Language:  Bilingual

  • Desayunos ESADE with Josep Santacreu (DKV Seguros)

    Language:  Spanish

  • Purpose Brands. Engaged brands making the shift from loyalty to love

    Language:  Spanish

  • Franc Carreras: Digital change must embrace more than marketing

    Language:  Spanish

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