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Webinar: "Canvas Business Model. Particularities of social entrepreneurship." By Verónica Sánchez

Webinar | Spanish

March 12 OF 2018 from 07:30 PM to 08:30 PM

All enterprises need a business model. The business model canvas enables business models to be created in a flexible, inclusive way that can be tailored to any organisation. The business canvas is based on 9 blocks that any social enterprise or other type of company must focus on and how these blocks interact to define the organisation’s business model. This model can also be used to tweak obsolete business models and boost innovation in the organisation. This webinar will include an introduction to this model and a practical case study: “AUARA, water with values"

ESADE Alumni Social
invites you to take part in “The business model canvas and the particularities of social enterprises. The AUARA case study,” a webinar by Verónica Sánchez. Verónica is a freelance consultant with more than 8 years’ experience in microenterprise development, entrepreneurship and social innovation, impact investing and social impact assessments in Latin America, England, India and Spain.

During the webinar, you can:
- Access the webinar wherever you are from a mobile device* or computer providing you have a loudspeaker and internet connection.

- Interact with the speaker by asking questions via a real-time chat during the webinar.

*If you use a mobile device, you must download the app to access the webinar platform.

A few days before the webinar, you will receive an email with a personal, non-transferable access url enabling you to follow the webinar in real time and take part. The webinar will be held in the Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris time zone (GMT+01:00). To check what time the webinar will be held in your time zone, click on the link in the email.