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Mentorship for mastering persuasive, authentic corporate pitches.

Only ideas that spread win. Communicate with clarity and confidence in English, with a strong sense of purpose. An understanding of what exactly constitutes a persuasive pitch or presentation is important not only because the capacity is so central to leadership, but because people strong in some of its elements can be utterly lacking in others, sometimes to disastrous effects.

Weak presentations lose impact, and speakers feel uncomfortable. Too much dependence on visuals or slides results in no conviction, credibility or passion.

A powerful presentation and a pitch with impact can inspire a team to work harder than they would have ever thought, turn a product into a brand with soul, persuade an audience to close a contract, convince two parties to reach an agreement or get the public to believe in a just cause before it is too late.

Powerful communication is the foundation of our society and therefore linked to the strategic perspective of any organization, our leaders inspire today emotionally, communicating a strong sense of cause for their followers.

The focus of these practical mentorship sessions is to clarify pitch content, examine the value proposition, clarity and impact, and non-verbal and emotional elements, overall structure and timing in addition to techniques to overcome challenges often associated with pitching in English.

Professor D'’Amico is a PHD candidate at Leeds Beckett University, U.K. in Socio Linguistics. She is an Associate Professor at ESADE Business School in Public Speaking and Corporate Pitching in the ESADE e-Works MBA program and in the ESADE Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship in Madrid and Barcelona.

She is a Mentor for Investor Pitches at ESADE Ban Business Angels Network and Pitch Mentor for top startup accelerators: Wayra Telefonica, Telefonica Open Futures, The Repsol Foundation, Numa Growth and Ogilvy Upcelerator. She has mentored over 300 startups.


Katharine is an expert in Corporate Pitching, as she has demonstrated with various CEOs of prestigious startups in Barcelona and Madrid. Katharine is also extremely valuable on the Executive Master in Business Administration at ESADE, leading the way to authentic and powerful communication, helping professionals communicate their ideas with greater awareness, purpose and impact. ´

Fernando Zallo Olaeta
Director at ESADE BAN - ESADE BAN ESADE Business School

´There is a clear before and after when Katharine works with CEOs on corporate pitching. I highly recommend Katharine´

Julian Vinué

Director of WAYRA Barcelona, Telefonica, Wayra Barcelona

´I had the pleasure to work with Katharine as a pitch mentor several times in the last 2 years. All can i say is that my success pitching is mostly because of her. She is a professional with excellent knowledge and experience in the area. If you need to make a perfect presentation, Katharine is one of the best professionals who can bring you all what you need to succeed.´

Marc Pous

CEO The Internet of Things @thethings.iO

'Hello Katharine, I am writing to thank you once again for the comments and advice you have given me in the two sessions in the EMBA we have shared. It has been a pleasure to have a great professional like you. Personally I am left with the human touch that you have brought us, which seems to be forgotten when we think of business and companies. A great life lesson.'

Sara Fernandez Fernandez,
Business Development and Marketing Engineer MBA ESADE 2016-2017 ESADE Business & Law School

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