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Consult the most important news items concerning ESADE and ESADE Alumni.

An account of the Spain Economic Forum

22/05/2013 | . An account of the Spain Economic Forum, by Daniel Landaluce, Chairman of the Institutional Relations Committee of the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce and President of the ESADE Alumni New York Chapter

La nueva aceleradora de start-ups Grow in Barcelona elige sus 5 primeros proyectos emprendedores

19/12/2012 | . El programa de aceleración de proyectos emprendedores Grow in Barcelona ha seleccionado, en su primera edición, a las 5 start-ups del sector TIC (de entre más de 40 proyectos presentados a nivel nacional e internacional) que formarán parte del programa: Comunitats.com, Hotel Ninjas, iWannaTravel, Surfpricer y ViLynx.

David Bustabad (PMD 08) wins national EmprendedorXXI Award

10/10/2012 | . David Bustabad (PMD 08) is member of the ESADE Alumni Canary Islands Club Executive Board and Founder and CEO of the company eWaste Canarias

Tutorial www.esadealumni.net

31/08/2012 | Online. Make the most of www.esadealumni.net. Discover how and where you can find all the info!

ESADE Alumni taking part in TV3 Marató per la Pobresa

23/05/2012 | Online. ESADE Alumni, the ESADE graduate association, is taking part in the TV3 Marató per la Pobresa (Marathon against Poverty) by monitoring the projects of the different beneficiary entities and ensuring the best possible use of the funds raised

XVII ESADE Alumni Annual Conference in Barcelona

23/02/2012 | Barcelona. Nearly 3,000 people filled Barcelona's Forum Auditorium for the XVII ESADE Alumni Annual Conference, at which Inditex and IKEA were recognised for being European companies that continue to exceed revenue and profit objectives through innovation in management despite the current macroeconomic climate. In addition, Wuaki.tv was recognised as the year's best start-up

IKEA and Inditex, winners of the ESADE Awards at the XVII ESADE Alumni Annual Conference

14/02/2012 | Barcelona. ESADE Alumni has decided to grant this year's ESADE Awards to IKEA and Inditex. The top executives of both companies - IKEA President Mikael Ohlsson and Inditex President Pablo Isla - will collect the awards in person at the XVII ESADE Alumni Annual Conference

The ESADE Alumni private investors network forms an agreement with the Fundación Repsol to support innovative energy efficiency business projects

10/01/2012 | Barcelona. ESADEBAN will collaborate in the preparation of an incubation process for the projects selected by the Fundación Repsol's Entrepreneurs Fund, which is a pioneering initiative to promote innovative energy efficiency business projects.

ESADE "Entrepreneurs Registration" Project

30/11/2011 | Barcelona. We thank you for your involvement and interest in the research project we are developing from the ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute to know ESADE alumni who have been or are entrepreneurs

Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly

17/10/2011 | Barcelona. By agreement of the Board, dated 12th July 2011, we are pleased to invite you to attend the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly of ESADE Alumni, to be held on Monday, 17th October 2011, at 7.00 pm in the amphitheatre of ESADEFORUM

Oriol Cornudella (Tech Data): "We have grown by 15% in Europe, whilst in Spain we have suffered a 10% drop"

20/09/2011 | Barcelona. Oriol Cornudella (Lic&MBA 85), General Manager of Tech Data's Mediterranean region and a member of Tech Data Europe's Executive Committee, will feature this new session of Matins ESADE titled "Tech Data, the difference in IT distribution"

ESADE CEMS Master Ranked 2nd in the World by the Financial Times

19/09/2011 | Barcelona. ESADE is named the top Spanish business school, and two of its programmes are ranked among the top Bologna masters

Mas-Colell asks civil servants to help revive economy "by working more for slightly less"

14/07/2011 | Barcelona. The Hon. Sr. Andreu Mas-Colell, Minister of Economy and Knowledge of Generalitat de Catalunya, featured this new session of Matins ESADE

Anchústegui (Generali Spain): "One key to a successful merger is to avoid uncertainty"

01/06/2011 | Madrid. Jaime Anchústegui, CEO of Generali España (insurance companies holding) leaded this latest Desayunos ESADE session titled "Mergers: a route, not a goal"

Juan Arena: "Managers should not invest in social outreach unless it has measurable benefits"

18/05/2011 | Madrid. Juan Arena, President of Fundación SERES, featured this new session of Desayunos ESADE titled "Society and Responsible Business"

Compass Group Spain forecasts ¿350m year-end turnover in 2011 and double-digit growth in next 5 years

28/04/2011 | Barcelona. Alfredo Ruiz-Plaza, Managing Director of Compass Group Spain, featured this new session of Mains ESADE titled "The future started yesterday"

Germán López Madrid: "No automaker wants to bring dealers to ruin"

05/04/2011 | Madrid. Germán López Madrid, president of Volvo Car Spain, will feature this new session of Desayunos ESADE titled "Keys to Success in Brand Management"

Everis Expects to Close 2011 with 17% Growth and Double Turnover in Catalonia to Reach 130 Million in 4 Years

22/03/2011 | Barcelona. Fernando Francés, Chairman of everis, and Fritz Hoderlein, Managing Partner of everis Catalunya, featured this new session of Matins ESADE titled "Growth and international expansion. From a consulting firm to a multinational group"

First edition of national Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs competition

11/03/2011 | Barcelona. The winner and two other promising young entrepreneurs will receive scholarships to participate in ESADE's Programme for Owner-Managers

Eduardo Serra (Fundación everis): "Civil Society should take politicians to task for the lack of consensus"

09/03/2011 | Madrid. Eduardo Serra Rexach, Chairman of the Fundación everis, will lead the upcoming Desayunos ESADE session, titled "Civil Society and the Transforma España Report". This event will be held in Spanish

PepsiCo Iberia to Increase Product Penetration at Points of Sale

02/03/2011 | Barcelona. Xavier Orriols, Chairman of PepsiCo Iberia, featured this new session of Matins ESADE titled "Managing the crisis responsibly"

McDonald's Spain Chairwoman Patricia Abril spotlights company desire to detach itself from fast food label

03/02/2011 | Lleida. The ESADE Alumni Lleida Club organised this dinner-discussion with Patricia Abril, President and CEO of McDonald's Spain, who talked about the business model and values and strategies of this company we all believe to know well

MRW grows by 3.4% thanks to innovative strategy based on technological advances and international expansion

03/02/2011 | Madrid. Francisco Martín Frías, President of MRW, and Francisco Martín Villanueva, General Director of MRW, leaded this new session of Desayunos ESADE titled "MRW case, including the generational shift"

Desigual closes year with 435 million euro turnover and targets over 20% growth in 2011

27/01/2011 | Barcelona. Manel Adell (Lic&MBA 85), CEO and partner of Desigual, featured this new session of Matins ESADE tilted "Sailing into the Wind"

Jaume Bartumeu (Andorra): "We cannot afford to turn our back on Europe if we want our economy to grow sustainably"

20/01/2011 | Barcelona. Jaume Bartumeu, Head of Government of Principat d'Andorra, featured this new session of Matins ESADE

President of USP Hospitales says "current public healthcare system is unsustainable"

13/01/2011 | Madrid. John de Zulueta, President of USP Hospitales, featured this new Desayunos ESADE session titled "Reflexiones sobre España en un entorno global"

WIKILEAKS What? Who? How? When? Where? Why?

21/12/2010 | Barcelona. El País together with ESADE Alumni organized this session where several experts discussed how Wikilieaks has revolutionized politics, society and journalism

Dr. Jesús Acebillo: "Novartis chairman stresses pharmaceutical industry is already recording losses due to recent cutbacks and calls for government to 'reverse' situation"

14/12/2010 | Barcelona. The Dr. Jesús Acebillo President of Novartis, featured this new session of Matins ESADE entitled "La Industria Farmacéutica en España: necesidad de una acción de gobierno"

ESADE firmly amongst top 10 European business schools says The Financial Times

06/12/2010 | Barcelona. For the second year running, ESADE has been named one of Europe's top ten business schools and, for the first time ever, the second best in Spain

Gonzalo Gortázar: "Criteria to maintain stake in BPI Portugal despite possible bailout of country and international market pressure"

30/11/2010 | Barcelona. Gonzalo Gortázar, CEO of Criteria CaixaCorp, featured this new session of Matins ESADE titled "Criteria: El reto de la expansión internacional"

Damm Acquires 10% of Ebro Foods and Considers Further International Acquisitions

17/11/2010 | Barcelona. Demetrio Carceller, executive president of Damm, lead this new session of Matins ESADE entitled "Compete and manage. Manufacturers' white-brand challenges"

The digital revolution as recalled by its protagonists

16/11/2010 | Barcelona. The ESADE Alumni BIT Club and Daemon Quest organised this session called, "The digital revolution as recalled by its protagonists"

Luis Álvarez (BT): "Europe should strive to differentiate itself from rest of world and try to be a competitive economy"

04/11/2010 | Madrid. Luis Álvarez, president of BT for EMEA and Latin America, featured this Desayunos ESADE session titled "My experiences as a international director in a global company"

Mergers as a Strategy for the Future

03/11/2010 | Barcelona. ESADE Alumni, in conjunction with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira, holds an event titled "Corporate Mergers as a Future Strategy"

Javier Robles (Danone): "We're trial-running new stores in high foot traffic areas with views toward growth in Spain"

20/10/2010 | Barcelona. Javier Robles, President of Danone, featured this new session of Matins ESADE titled "Danone y la innovación"

Restaffing of the members of ESADE Alumni's Board of Directors

19/10/2010 | Barcelona. The ESADE Alumni Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly was held on Tuesday, October 19th

18th Venture Capital Forum: eDreams case, one of the biggest venture capital operations in 2010

21/09/2010 | Barcelona. The 18th ESADE Alumni Venture Capital Forum was dedicated to the eDreams case, one of the largest capital risk operations in 2010

ESADE climbs 9 places in The Economist MBA ranking

20/09/2010 | Barcelona. ESADE is now rated as a worldwide top twenty business school in all the intentional ranking published on the sector. In The Economist ranking the school was particularly recognized for its excellent work in career services over recent years

CEMS Master number two in world says The Financial Times

20/09/2010 | Barcelona. The ESADE Master in International Management (MIM) and CEMS Master firmly feature in the world top ten for the second year running, according to the annual The Financial Times Bologna-adapted masters in management ranking published today

How to Keep Your Brain Fit

14/09/2010 | Barcelona. Alvaro Fernández, CEO and cofounder of SharpBrains, will be leading an upcoming ESADE Alumni Evenings session entitled "How and Why Digital Technology is Going to Transform Education, Training and Brain Health"

Francisco Martín Villanueva (MRW): "We want to position ourselves in one Latin American country every two or three years"

14/09/2010 | Barcelona. Francisco Martín Frías, President of MRW, and Francisco Martín Villanueva, General Director of MRW, leaded this new session of Matins ESADE titled "MRW case, including the generational shift"

Joaquim Boixareu (Irestal Group): "If Catalonia is to emerge from the recession, it must re-launch its industry, which is its greatest strength"

30/06/2010 | Barcelona. Joaquim Boixareu (Lic&MBA 82), CEO of Irestal Group, will feature this new session of Matins ESADE titled "Indústria i futur"

Antonio Vázquez, President of Iberia, discussed the airline industry¿s fragmentation, as well as its consolidation at the regional level

23/06/2010 | Madrid. Antonio Vázquez, President of Iberia, was the guest speaker at a recent edition of Desayunos ESADE, where he discussed the current situation and prospects of the airline industry

An evening with Marko Curavic

18/06/2010 | Barcelona. Marko Curavic, Head of Unit European Commission, Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General, will feature this new session of ESADE Alumni Evenings, titled "The Entrepreneurship and SME Policy of the European Union - Framework and Programmes"

The Master in International Business Law and the Master in Tax Consultancy and Management, at the top of El Mundo's 2010 ranking of master's programmes

17/06/2010 | Barcelona. ESADE's Master in International Business Law (DIN) is ranked first while its Master in Tax Consultancy and Management (AGT) is ranked second

Les televisions perden capacitat de fidelització i s'enfronten a la dificultat de rendibilitzar les emissions a la xarxa

15/06/2010 | Barcelona. The sixth edition of the lecture series on the new key areas of the economy, organised by ESADE Alumni, was devoted to the area of communication

Carles Sumarroca: "Faced with Infrastructure Investment Cuts in Spain, COMSA EMTE Chooses to Grow Abroad"

03/06/2010 | Barcelona. Carles Sumarroca, Vice President of COMSA EMTE, featured this session of Matins ESADE entitled "COMSA EMTE: Opt for growth"

Javier Solana: "The G20 may be a positive embryo for a global governance scheme, but only in the economic sphere"

20/05/2010 | Madrid. On 20th May, the IV ESADE Alumni Annual Conference will be held in Madrid. Our special guest this year will be Javier Solana, President of ESADE's Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics

Alfredo Sáenz calls for urgent austerity package for public deficit as "international markets won't give us another opportunity"

12/05/2010 | Barcelona. Alfredo Sáenz, Second Vice President and CEO of Grupo Santander, featured this new session of Matins ESADE entitled "Necessary adjustments in the economic and financial system: the case of Spain"

ESADE Law and Business Administration ranked third in the El Mundo ranking

12/05/2010 | Barcelona. El Mundo has just published its annual ranking of undergraduate degrees in Spain, with ESADE standing out for its degree in Law and in Business Administration (BBA)

Financial Times ranks ESADE 7th in the world for Executive Education

10/05/2010 | Barcelona. ESADE moves up in Open and Custom programmes.

Antoni Esteve: "Despite European investment into R&D, we're losing out to the US model"

05/05/2010 | Barcelona. Antoni Esteve, President of ESTEVE, featured this new session of Matins ESADE entitled "Challenges and Opportunities when you go against the flow"

Mena: "It would be a good idea to separate the banks that provide credit from those that make financial investments". Palau: "As for Spain Our economic prospects will have an 'L' shape"

29/04/2010 | Barcelona. The ESADE Alumni Finance Club organized this session with F. Xavier Mena, Professor of Economics , ESADE , and Jesús Palau (Lic&MBA 71), Professor, Department of Financial Management and Control, ESADE

2010 ESADE Economic Report: "Spanish economy's D-Day has dawned and public spending cutbacks are priority"

28/04/2010 | Barcelona. Written by the Department of Economics professors Fernando Ballabriga and Josep M. Comajuncosa

Carme Ruscalleda advocates "passion and optimism" at Women and Leadership Forum

26/04/2010 | Barcelona. The latest Women and Leadership Forum welcomed the chef Carme Ruscalleda

XV ESADE Alumni Annual Conference

22/04/2010 | Barcelona. On 22nd April, the XV ESADE Alumni Annual Conference will be held in Barcelona. Our special guest this year will be Javier Solana, former Secretary General of NATO (1995-1999), former High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union (1999-2009), and current President of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics

Francisco Román: "Operators and content providers should be allowed to enter into agreements in order to ensure the healthy growth of the Internet"

20/04/2010 | Madrid. Francisco Román, President and CEO of Vodafone Spain, was the special guest at an upcoming session of Desayunos ESADE entitled "Telecommunications as a chance at economic recovery"

Jeff Hoffman: "To come up with new concepts, first of all you have to free your minds"

25/03/2010 | Barcelona. Jeff Hoffman, CEO of Enable Holdings and member of the founding executive team of Priceline.com, was the special guest speaker at the second session of ESADE Alumni Evenings, entitled: "Innopreneuring - How the Best Entrepreneurs Use Innovation"

Matins ESADE with Manuel Sánchez Ortega, President and CEO of Telvent

24/03/2010 | Barcelona. Manuel Sánchez Ortega, President and CEO of Telvent, featureed this new session of Matins ESADE entitled "Global Diversification as a Strategy"

Josep Piqué and Antonio Catalán discuss future of travel and tourism

23/03/2010 | Barcelona. ESADE Alumni invites you to this Lecture Series on new key areas in the economy. The third session is devoted to Mobility

Starbucks, the protagonist of ESADE Alumni Evenings

17/03/2010 | Barcelona. We are pleased to introduce a new forum called ESADE Alumni Evenings, which will feature talks by top managers from world-renowned companies.

Joan Josep Brugera says Colonial will reach a share capitalisation of ¿2,800 m by July, putting it back among Europe's biggest property companies

17/03/2010 | Madrid. Juan José Brugera (MBA 71), President of Colonial, featured this new session of Desayunos ESADE titled "Colonial, back to basics"

José María Ayala advocates manufacturing industry-targeted credit being stepped up to overcome crisis

17/03/2010 | Barcelona. José María Ayala, President of Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO), featured this new session of Matins ESADE entitled "The ICO and the economy: Current situation and prospects"

The Flight of the Golden Sparrow

10/03/2010 | Barcelona. Jatinder Jit Singh, Assistant Professor of the Department of Marketing Management, featured this new Refersher Programme

"Telefónica should clarify whether suppliers or consumers will foot the bill"

09/03/2010 | Barcelona. Rosa Mª García, Vice President of Consumer & Online to Microsoft Western Europe, featured this new session of Matins ESADE

ESADE, Deusto and Comillas ICADE propose solutions to overcome crisis

25/02/2010 | Madrid. Around 2,000 alumni from the three universities to take part in event

Borges shuns own-label style price cuts to bank on India, Brasil and China

23/02/2010 | Barcelona. Antoni Pont, Honorary President of Grupo Borges, will feature this new session of Matins ESADE titled "Agrifood sector perspectives"

Kenneth P. Morse: "It's important to have some technology as a source of sustainable competitive advantage"

18/02/2010 | Barcelona. Inspirational Lectures series by Kenneth P. Morse

25th Anniversary of Everest Expedition

08/02/2010 | Barcelona. To mark the 25th anniversary of the first Catalan expedition to successfully scale Mount Everest, the ESADE Alumni Sports and Management Club invited you to attend what was an emotional reunion of some of the members of this historic expedition

Consequences of the World Financial Crisis

03/02/2010 | Barcelona. Emilio Navarro, Professor in the Department of Financial Management and Control at ESADE, explained the consequences of the current crisis in this new Refresher Programme

Antonio Brufau: "In 2030 Spain will still depend on oil, gas and coal, despite being the world leader in renewable energies"

28/01/2010 | Barcelona. Second session of the Caixa Catalunya and ESADE Dialogues at La Pedrera, by Antonio Brufau, CEO of Repsol YPF and vice president of Grupo Gas Natural, and Xavier Mendoza (Lic&MBA 79), professor and Deputy Director General of ESADE

Fernando Ruiz: "Spain Needs Cultural Change to Develop an Innovative Economy"

26/01/2010 | Madrid. Fernando Ruiz, President of Deloitte, will feature this new session of Desayunos ESADE titled "The Challenge of Competitiveness through Talent"

Economic Prospects for 2010: Why will we have to keep fighting the crisis

13/01/2010 | Barcelona. The ESADE Alumni Finance Club organized this session with Xavier Adserà (Lic&MBA 81), President of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts and President of the Natraceutical Group, and F. Xavier Mena, Professor in the Department of Economics at ESADE

Josep M. Galí: "Luxury is an excellent entry point for analyzing the changes in society"

12/01/2010 | Barcelona. Josep M. Galí (Lic&MBA 84), Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing Management at ESADE, will be leading a new Refresher Programme

Fernando Echegaray: "Barcelona Airport to Offer Direct Flights to Qatar and Montreal Starting in March"

12/01/2010 | Barcelona. Fernando Echegaray, Director of the Barcelona Airport, will feature this session of Matins ESADE titled "The new Barcelona Airport"

ESADE institutional visit to the new Roberto de Nobili Residence Hall

29/12/2009 | Barcelona. Carlos Losada, General Manager of ESADE, has visited the new Roberto de Nobili Residence Hall that will be opened the 4th of january.

Tax Changes for 2010

10/12/2009 | Barcelona. On 10th December, the ESADE Alumni Real Estate Club hosted a lecture given by Pedro Aguarón, the partner responsible for the tax department at Baker & MacKenzie Barcelona, and Ana Royuela, the director of that department's team

The ESADE Law School ranked among the world's best according to the Financial Times

07/12/2009 | Barcelona. In this report, the prestigious British newspaper highlights those postgraduate programmes with the broadest Business Law perspective and international focus

Dinner-discussion with Francisco García Paramés

26/11/2009 | Madrid. The ESADE Alumni Finance Club organised this dinner-discussion with Francisco García Paramés, Investment Manager at Bestinver

Matins ESADE with Jaume Roures, partner-founder of Mediapro

26/11/2009 | Barcelona. Jaume Roures, partner-founder of Mediapro, featured this session of Matins ESADE

Executive Coaching. Building up powerful relations

24/11/2009 | Barcelona. Joan Quintana, Director of the ESADE Executive Coaching programme, led a new Refresher Programme session

Desayunos ESADE with Alejandro Echevarría, President of Telecinco and UTECA

17/11/2009 | Madrid. Alejandro Echevarría, President of Telecinco and UTECA, featured this new session of Desayunos ESADE titled "Challenges in the Audiovisual Sector"

BusinessWeek ranks ESADE number 4 in the world for Custom Executive Education programmes

06/11/2009 | Madrid. ESADE has moved up in each of the three bi-annual rankings published by BusinessWeek today for Custom Executive Education Programmes, Open Executive Education programmes and the Executive MBA

RIP Luis de Sebastián, ESADE Professor Chair of Economics

31/05/2009 | Madrid. Luis de Sebastián, professor and emeritus chair of Economics at ESADE Business School, died the morning of May 26th as a result of a heart attack. The ESADE and the ESADE Alumni Community are greatly saddened by this news.

2nd ESADE Alumni RBA Business Fiction Contest

03/04/2009 | Madrid. If you like writing, you can also see your work published in a leading business narrative collection. What are you waiting for? Participate in the 2nd call!. Remember you can send your work until September 30th!

"ESADE Alumni TV is born"
The day-to-day happenings of ESADE Alumni, now available to everyone

05/12/2008 | Madrid. ESADE Alumni has created a new media outlet to reach all of its members.

Presston Comunicació interviews Xavier Sanchez

28/08/2008 | Madrid. Xavier Sanchez explains that ESADE Alumni's aim is to make its members more than just a name: it introduces them in order to offer the best.

ESADE Alumni tops 30 worldwide branches after Japan launch

18/08/2008 | Madrid. ESADE alumni now benefit from 21 chapters and 9 branches across the globe.

Fainé and Oliu forecast "slow recovery" from crisis and forewarn credit crunch, inflation and unemployment

15/07/2008 | Madrid. Round table "Financial Markets and future challenges" at ESADE.

Mercedes Palacio Tascón at ESADE Alumni

14/04/2008 | Madrid. Mercedes del Palacio Tascón, the new Secretary of State for Public Administration, gave a lecture at the recent inauguration of the ESADE Alumni Public Management Club in Madrid.

ESADE honoured by presence of Prince and Princess of Asturias at 50th anniversary event

22/01/2008 | Madrid. More than 2,000 alumni attend XIII Annual Conference at Liceu Opera House in Barcelona.

ESADE ranked global #1 in The Wall Street Journal

17/09/2007 | Madrid. For the second year in a row ESADE has been ranked top international Business School by The Wall Street Journal

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