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Webinar: 'Sustainability and interest groups', by Marian Torres

15/03/2018 (dd/mm/yyyy) | Online

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Webinar: "Sustainability and interest groups" By Marian Torres

As in most companies, dialogue with stakeholders is essential for NGOs and social enterprises in order to know what they expect from the organisation. This calls for procedures to pinpoint their expectations and see how to incorporate them into the company’s management with a view to achieving better results. This webinar will analyse how to give them this information, discover their expectations and prioritise them according to the organization’s strategy. The webinar will also work on a method for analysing stakeholders, and suggest ways of organising and guiding dialogue with the main stakeholders. This methodology will include:

・Identifying the company’s stakeholders.
・ Pinpointing areas in the company of interest to stakeholders and vice versa.
・ Prioritising stakeholders according to their influence and power (map)
・ Creating follow-up and communication channels for each stakeholder.

ESADE Alumni Social
invites you to take part in “Sustainability and stakeholders”, a webinar by Marian Torres. Marian has more than 20 years’ experience as a consultant in people management and almost a decade specialised in social responsibility. 

During the webinar, you can:

- Access the webinar wherever you are from a mobile device* or computer providing you have a loudspeaker and internet connection.

- Interact with the speaker by asking questions via a real-time chat during the webinar.

*If you use a mobile device, you must download the app to access the webinar platform.


A few days before the webinar, you will receive an email with your personal and non-transferable access url enabling you to follow the webinar in real time and take part. The webinar will be held in the Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris time zone (GMT+01:00). To check what time the webinar will be held in your time zone, click on the link in that email.

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