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Webinar: 'Transcendental Leadership with Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation', by Walter Rossi (PMD 14)

Webinar | Spanish

February 08 OF 2017 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM

ESADE Alumni presents ''Transcendental Leadership with Mindfulness, Yoga, and Meditation'', a webinar by Walter Rossi (PMD 14), business advisor and founder of Magrané Group ©.

Leaders are under great stress in the never-ending race to achieve results and meet the demands of the environment. In response to this hectic pace, leaders must find somewhere to focus firstly on their own emotions and then on those of others.

Mindfulness, yoga and meditation make it possible to connect with the traditional skills that all leaders need, by building upon their own emotions with vitality, health and physical well-being, joy, peace, love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, trust, self-development, resilience, co-operativism, collaboration and values.

This effective leadership is the basis of resonant leadership, the transcendent leadership that guides us towards the full use of intelligence, creativity, courage, heroism and finally spirituality.

Recent scientific studies have demonstrated the tangible health benefits of practicing mindfulness, yoga and meditation regularly, making them a factor that every leader should contemplate as a way to improving their health and dealing with high levels of everyday stress.

Is it possible to strike a balance?

Remember, you can:

- Access the webinar wherever you are from a mobile device* or computer providing you have a loudspeaker and an internet connection.
- Interact with the speaker by asking questions via a real-time chat during the presentation of the session.

*If you use a mobile device, you must download the app to access the webinar platform. 

A few days before the workshop we will email you a personal and non-transferable access URL to enable to you follow the workshop live and take part in it. Webinar times are GMT+01:00, Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid and Paris. Find out what time the workshop will take place in your time zone by clicking on the link in this email.




Walter Rossi

Walter Rossi is a business advisor and founder of the Magrané Group ©, a company providing professional services internationally. Degree in Business Administration, Master in Systems (La Salle Business School, Ramon Llull University), Value Innovation Program (INSEAD Business School), and Program for Management Development (ESADE Business School, Ramon Llull University).

He has dedicated the last six years to studying and researching the phenomenon of mindfulness, yoga and meditation in the business world, totally convinced about the health benefits. It is now a worldwide phenomenon practiced only in the business world but also in the fields of education, health, all kinds of work places, and the legal system.

He is the author of research papers on subjects including Mindfulness Practices, Meditation, Health, Yoga, Creativity, Management, Spirituality, and Leadership Development.



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