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Flash session: Unlearning to connect to the 21st century


In the 21st century, referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution, technology’s exponential growth has changed the job paradigm. Today’s current context no longer lets us foresee what’s coming next. There is no defined pattern that we can track, and we have no  way of knowing what type of talent we’re going to need, because the majority of jobs in the future have yet to be invented, while those we currently hold will disappear or transform. The important thing in this context is knowing how to survive in a professional ecosystem in which artificial intelligence (AI) will be ever present in our day-to-day routines and where everything 'human' will become more relevant than ever.

Are we prepared for this change? Today, the majority of professionals don’t know how to explain where their own singularity lies. That’s why it is important for us to unlearn some of the patterns inherited from the 20th century which represent true obstacles to our development. Unlearning doesn’t mean forgetting everything we already know. Simply put, it implies prioritising everything that makes sense today and which, combined with 21st-century factors (such as digitalisation), can become differentiating factors in the way we think, design and do things.


Ainhoa Fornós (GCI 03)

She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a postgraduate degree in Human Resources. She is the founder of HR Mindset Designer dedicated to helping to create new job ecosystems in organisations by teaching about new disruptive trends in HR such as learning agility. She has more than 20 years of experience in the HR field, having worked previously for companies such as PortAventura, Uni2 Telecom and Condis Supermercados. She also served as Human Resource Director for Grupo Damm.