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Dare to be happy by Alex Panayotou

The ESADE Alumni Athens Chapter and Alba Alumni Association are pleased to invite you to our next event: Dare to be happy by Alex Panayotou

Regardless of our gender, age, position, socio economic situation, or our nationality, one fact unites almost all of us: the search for happiness. And yet why does it elude so many people? Happiness is not a destination. It doesn’t depend on the absence of problems and obstacles. Having the right partner, job, or living in a certain place are not prerequisites. And it certainly cannot be bought.

Happiness is a choice and a way of life. It doesn't simply appear before us - just like anything else of great value, it takes a conscious decision, and a commitment. It is available for every single one of us should dare to choose it.

Due to recent amended safety regulations of the ALBA Business School building, only people that had previously registered will be allowed to enter the building. Please, register until Monday, 13/05/2019, 18:00.


We hope you can join us!