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Will you join us in leading change?

The world needs change, and change needs someone to lead the way. If we join forces, if we pool our efforts, we can go further. Find your opportunity by joining this diverse global community of active and responsible professionals. Can we count on you?

ESADE Alumni in numbers

+67.000 Alumni

But we keep offering a personalised value proposition.

72 Chapters

ESADE Alumni organizes knwoledge sessions, social and networking events worldwide. All of them with the same objective: provide value to our overseas alumni.

+400 Attended projects

Our objective is to dinamise the entrepreneurial activity in society, channeling the offer and demand of funding between investors and entrepreneurs, and facilitating conjuction between them.

2.468 Alumni

That have participated in the pro-bono ESADE Alumni social consultants. Offering their knowledge and expertise in different management areas, through 15 years.