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Distressed Venture Capital

Webinar | Anglès

26novembre 2020 de 19:00h a 21:00h

The Esade Alumni German Chapters are pleased to invite you to our upcoming webinar "Distressed Venture Capital" organized by Julian Giessing next Thursday November 26th at 7pm.

This talk has three parts. First, we will introduce the mathematics of venture capital funds and their returns highlighting the impact of this on portfolio startups. Then we will suggest a new investment strategy that combines elements of VC and PE which is called “distressed venture capital”. In the second part, we will discuss how this investment strategy is being executed in the USA for about 20 years and where there are deal opportunities and Europe and obstacles in closing deals. Lastly, we will talk about the experience of the speaker with raising capital for an investment thesis and why it’s 100x more difficult than raising capital for a startup.