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Ethical Dilemmas in Leadership: A Glocal View

Webinar | Anglès

03febrer 2021 de 17:00h a 18:00h

Which are the ethical issues in the leadership paradigm? What moral challenges do today’s leaders face in similar situations? During this session organised by the Esade Alumni South African Chapter and Esade Admissions, we will highlight two different cases, one global and one local – from Africa – to illustrate the role of financial and non-financial incentives in dealing with ethical challenges in real-life situations.

This debate raises the fundamental question of ethical business applications, which leads to deeper introspection on the part of managers. It also draws parallels between leadership and the righteous yet tough choices leaders must make to uphold the integrity of their institution. Moral choices are often hard to make and require courage, conviction and determination. Managers often face the dilemma of choosing the bottom line over ethics, which makes them vulnerable to the fallacy of serving a greater purpose. During this participatory debate, we will unpack these issues and discuss ethical dilemmas relating to financial and non-financial outcomes to make us aware of the importance of making informed choices.