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The Female Factor and the Power of Talk: Neuroscience, Leadership and Gender Dynamics in Language

Webinar | Anglès

20abril 2022 de 13:00h a 14:00h

Communication isn’t as simple as saying what you mean. Did you know that 75% of talking during the average business meeting is done by men? Preliminary results from Partners In Leadership research confirm this finding: Women still struggle more than men to find their voice in the room. When we open our mouths to say something, we usually feel we are just talking to convey information, but what we say and how we say it are chosen from a great range of possibilities. And others react to our choices, just as they react to the clothes we wear, which give impressions about the kind of people we are, and about our attitudes toward the occasion. Much of how we evaluate others comes from the way we present ourselves, and much of that is in the form of talk.