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"Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World” by Alexandra Panayotou. Sponsored by Randstad

Conferencia | Anglès

We all want to find fulfilment, success, and happiness over our lives and careers. For us to accomplish this we need to develop as individuals and as professionals – and keep evolving as the years pass. Far too often however, we find ourselves struggling to balance our busy and demanding lives, and all too often fall prey to the damaging effects of stress. Burnout and Stress Syndrome is the professional epidemic of our times – even in its mildest form, it affects us both physically and mentally. It keeps us from reaching our true potential, and may indeed stop us from being able to sustain the productivity and quality of our work and lives over the long-term. The effects can be mild at best, and at worst can destroy lives, families, and careers.  We are all capable of achieving more than we imagined possible, and of maintaining this – if we find and develop the necessary balance.

This interactive talk/workshop focuses on how to deal with the unavoidable effects of stress in today’s demanding world in a realistic, manageable, and sustainable way, and to maintain optimum health, energy, and well-being as an individual and as a professional.   

Join this inspiring session “Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World” by Alexandra Panayotou and meet other ESADE Alumni living in Zurich!


Alexandra Panayotou

Alexandra Panayotou is a charismatic motivational speaker and executive guide/coach, who works in personal and professional development both in Spain and internationally. She inspires others to strive for more in their lives, and to further develop themselves. Her insight into and her understanding of the human process are developed from her outstanding success as an endurance athlete, combined with her academic background in psychology, sociology, and philosophy where she received an honours degree. Alex regularly presents to and works with leading executives of top global business organizations, including, Danone, Telefonica, Coca-Cola, ESADE Business School, and since 2014 she is a strategic partner of ManpowerGroup Greece.


We hope to see you there!

Sponsored by Randstad

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Iliza Ngendahimana. As a dedicated and passionate human resource professional in the banking and financial services industry, Iliza designs unified talent acquisition solutions for her business partners and gives her candidates guidance about their career development.