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How Will AI Change The Leadership Discipline, a talk by Olgierd Swida (EP 85)


The ESADE Alumni Berlin Chapter would like to invite you to their next event on Tuesday June 4th at 7pm:

How will AI change leadership, a talk by Olgierd Swida (EP 85).

The third tsunami of technological revolution is happening right now. The first happened in 1980 with personal computing, the second brought the world together in the 2000s and the third relates to AI/ML. Every day we hear about new areas being affected by AI. Will AI affect white-collar workers like automation affected blue-collar workers? Should we be scared of AI? Should we ignore it? Should we embrace it?

How will impact will AI systems that can autonomously learn from datasets have on leadership? What challenges and opportunities will they generate? Will AI replace modern leaders? If so, when?

We will look at the leadership and the state of AI/ML technology today, and will place some bets about the future. We will explore the general dynamics of the technology industry in the last few decades and the business models that were successful, and will speculate about the future winners of the AI/ML revolution.

Olgierd Swida

Olgierd Swida combines his global expertise in business development, marketing, software licensing and television production. For several years now he has been an executive coach helping executives become inspiring leaders and better communicators. A native of Poland, Olgierd earned a degree in business administration from the University of Cologne in Germany. He joined Microsoft in 1989, and in the ten years that followed he was responsible for many of Microsoft's licensing, marketing and business activities. After helping Microsoft launch its first products in Russia, he held a number of positions including International Channel Marketing Manager and Licensing Manager at Microsoft's Corporate Headquarters in Redmond, WA. Later, at Microsoft's Latin American headquarters in Fort Lauderdale (FL), he led teams of marketing and sales professionals from the U.S. and Latin America, ultimately managing a $100 million business sector with record growth rates. Olgierd then earned a degree in video production from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Remaining in Florida, he produced TV programs at a local cable station. Subsequently, Olgierd joined the NBC television station in Miami, where he worked in TV news production. Returning to Poland, Olgierd led the news production division at TVP (national television) with 350 people. Olgierd is the owner of Tools2Lead, a company that coaches and trains groups and individuals in the areas of inspiring leadership, effective communication and win‐win negotiations. Olgierd is an ICC certified coach and a trainer at Robbins Research International, an Anthony Robbins company.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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