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Marketing 3D Printing - Interactive Workshop


19setembre 2018 de 18:30h a 20:30h

The ESADE Alumni Miami Chapter is pleased to invite you to an interactive workshop about 3D Printing that will take place next Wednesday September the 19th, at 6.30 pm, at the 3D Spaces.

3D printing is transforming the era of DIY into an era of DIT, creating more makers and less consumers. 3D printing is helping to create the era of choices, where people are more involved into manufacturing process, leading to new paths of innovation. Today we are able to 3D print organs, actual homes, parts, clothing, shoes and even food!
Join Delta Design, the American Marketing Association and 360 spaces for an interactive workshop on 3D printing l101, the basics of 3D printing. You will leave knowing how to operate a 3D printing machine, load it and even create your own masterpiece.


Our speakers will be:

Christopher Skull (Co-Founder of Delta Design): Co-Founder and 3D printing enthusiast. Chris wants to teach the world how to print anything, anytime.

Jossua Parini (Managing Partner @360): Founder of Creative Glue and managing partner at 350 Spaces. Jossua wants to bridge the gap between business and creativity.


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We hope to see you there!

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